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“Humans”, Season 2, Episode 3, “I Am, Therefore I Feel”

Lots of surprises tonight, and most of them are hitting you, and the characters, right in the feels.

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Things are starting to get interesting on Humans, and tonight’s episode was about nothing but the feels.  It’s easy enough to break everything up into the four main stories that happened this evening, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do.  And why don’t we start and end with the boring humans?

Let’s get going:

Hangin’ With the Hawkins:

There’s finally some good news around the Hawkins household: Joe (Katherine Parkinson) has a job. Back at his old plant. Moving boxes around.  Now, this is something a synth could do, but the government has to do something with all these unemployed guys who’ve been replaced by said synths and this is what they do.  However, the new job allows Joe to spend more time at home doing the caregiving thing, and he seems to do little better than Laura (Katherine Parkinson).  And during one of those moments he has an…

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