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The Crime Is Worse Than The Cover Up

That’s why I think Trump doesn’t want to release his taxes–people would realize he’s nothing more than a bagman and a cover for some really reprehensible people. He ‘makes’ a lot of his money–and at a critical juncture in the late 1990s, maybe most of it–as a cover and/or pass through for shady or even illicit profits.

Besides, never trust a bagman.

Mike the Mad Biologist

Whenever a politician gets in trouble, pundits will recite ‘Correlation is not causality’ ‘The cover up is worse than the crime.’ But other than the Clintons (where that does seem to be true*), the crime is always worse than the cover up. Hell, four decades later, and we’re still learning loathsome shit about the Nixon administration.

Speaking of loathsome shit, let’s talk about Il Trumpe’s Russian Connection. Of all the things to worry about, the election hacking was trivial. Compared to so many other factors, such as Comeygate, lousy media coverage, some poor campaign decisions, and a couple decades of New Democrats, unless you’re suffering from a massive bout of Sanders Derangement Syndrome, it just didn’t have very much effect (boldface mine):

I run into people who to this day sincerely believe the election results should be overturned in Clinton’s favor because of Russian hacking. And I run into other…

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