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What’s New Here and There

A lot, really, though you’d never know when you hear me rambling on.  Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “What’s New Here and There

  1. Cassie, I remember watching a transgender on Chris Matthews hardball years ago, and surprisingly she was a Filipina…. then I saw her again at the White House in some sort of conference…. and I think she’s the head of a transgender advocacy group. I’ve forgotten her name. Shewas born and grew up in the Philippines and came to the US in 1998.

  2. Ah, I can’t wait for A&K to show their martial arts skills. Although, seriously, will the skills really help in a real combat , especially when they’re fighting nasty witches who can probably kill them from afar. I remember Harrison ford gets confronted by a nasty looking ninja, and out of script, Ford just shoots him. It’s funny because the story is, Ford was suffering from diaarhea during the shooting, and at that very moment, his diarrhea was about to explode… so he just shot the ninja, and ran to the toilet.

    • Yes, that story about Ford is true: he really didn’t want to fight. But their are times when they’ll need those martial arts. There could be times when they encounter Normals who want to hurt them, and lighting them up with magic isn’t an option.

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