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8 thoughts on “A Taste of Home

  1. About Albert and Kerry……. I remember reading the exerpts……… I hope Kerry doesn’t cheat on Annie the way Albert did on his lady love. I read that , Cassie. o_O But, I wasn’t invested on the characters…… however, that part made me stay away from the main male character.

  2. Books do have such an influence on people. The story of The Little Match Girl made an impact on a 7 year old’s social conscience. I cried after reading the book and couldn’t erase it from my mind, to this day. My teacher and I had a serious conversation about it. ( She was quite disturbed by my ” review ” ) .

    And I don’t have to mention the influence of Agatha Christie had on a middle school girl ……. hence, I became a Forensics Biologist. It’s a pity I’m not working as such….. The job opportunity is so limited…… hence , another degree as a Molecular Microbiologist, my back-up. ( Actually, Forensics is my back-up )

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