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“Humans”, Season 2, Episode 7, “The Silo”

It’s time for big moves and their consequences…

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[Image via AMC]

It’s penultimate episode time and that means a lot of things to do been coming together for the last three or four episodes have finally come to a head and need to be resolved. But, given that this is the penultimate episode, that means there are events happening here that will have consequences that need to be handled later.

And as we’ve seen on Humans in the past, those consequences can be a bit messy…

There were only three major things that happened, so let’s go over them in a bit more detail:

Item 1 — I Want a Body:

Karen (Ruth Bradley) is bonding with Sam, the synth child, which is causing Pete (Neil Maskell) to feel left out–so much so that he’s out of the apartment rather quickly to go “do something”. Karen wants to do something as well: she tells Sam that she’s going…

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