‘The Walking Dead,’ Season 7 Finale, Episode 16: “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life”

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AMC's 'The Walking Dead,' Season 7 finale, Episode 16, Walker Sasha, Jesus and Maggie [Image via Gene Page/AMC] Just a heads up AMC, you might want to make every episode of Season 8 just like the Season 7 finale 😉

CF:I truly wondered if we were going to have to sit through another bad season finale, and was pleasantly surprised to find myself seeing that we weren’t.  And yes, Season 8 needs to be more like this episode.  Make it so, TWD writing staff.

Here’s what went down in Episode 16 (entitled “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life”) of the Season 7 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Sasha and Negan’s Group

Episode 16 of the Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead opens with Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) listening to music. And dying. It is dark, this is important.


So Dwight (Austin Amelio) is trying to convince Rick’s group he is now Team Alexandria. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is kinda listening…

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“Humans”, Season 2, Episode 8, “Singularity”

Should I borrow a line from Rob Zombie and wonder if our synths truly are more human than human?

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[Image via AMC]

So we finally come to the end of the line: the last episode of Season 2 of Humans. And now that all the threads have been laid out nice and neat, it’s time to pull them all together and bring about the conclusion.
So sit back and relax, ‘cause I’m about to take you there—

Let’s Blow This Pop Stand:

Now that Joe (Tom Goodman-Hill) and Laura (Katherine Parkinson) realize they need to do something about Sophie (Pixie Davies), Joe decides it’s time to show Laura a thing he’s had in mind for a while. He pulls out a brochure and tells her about a house for sale in a synth-free town. He figures it would be best for Sophie if she wasn’t around those machines all the time and perhaps allow her to discover humanity once again.

Laura, however, won’t hear of it. She rightly…

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How to Train Your Dragon

Today I’m bringing you an instructional video, something I don’t do often–in fact, I don’t know that I have done this before.  But I’ve wanted to do this for a while and I felt that this lazy Sunday was a good day to set up my first for the blog.

I’m going to show everyone how I write using Dragon Voice Recognition software.  This is a long video–a little over forty-seven minutes–but in that time you’ll get an idea how this software works and you’ll see me write the first few hundred words of my newest scene.

I hope you enjoy.