Seeing All That is Truthful

So, it seems I am finished with TV recapping for a while and I can relax for–well, maybe a month?  Or maybe I have to crank up tomorrow for iZombie?  I’ll see how I feel then.

But no talking about TV ’cause I’m still with Deanna and the Kids, which could be the title of a sitcom about a witch and her two kids growing up in New York, but it better be a Netflix show or it can go to hell.    Annie was curious about the possibility that all this special instruction was due to some–ahem, “guidance” from an outside source.  And now we learn differently:  Helena may be keeping some secrets about them from the Guardians:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


This was something Annie hadn’t considered, the possibility that Helena might not tell everything she knew about them to the Guardians. She was aware Helena was protective of them, but would she go so far as to withhold information about the development from the organization it would likely be the potential employer in the future? After a moment’s reflection she had her answer: She is likely keeping some of this information to herself so the Guardians don’t push us into a mission that could end up becoming too much for either of us to handle. “I can see that as being possible.”

Deanna gave a quick nod. “It’s something you can take up with her, though I doubt she’ll say anything. Keeping secrets from one group means keeping secrets from everyone.”
Kerry had remained quiet through this exchange, but there was a question that required an answer. “You know that we’ve done stuff with the Guardians?”

“Obviously.” Deanna chuckled. “I didn’t mean to sound flippant, but as one of the three counselors at school I have to be aware of everything the students at this facility are doing—and that includes any extracurricular activities. Erwin filled me in on your actions with the Guardians not long after you were picked for your first operation back in your A Levels.”

Now done with the questions regarding any possible Guardian influence on their instruction, Annie felt it was time to get to why they were here. “So, what are we going to do in this class? What kind of special instructions are we going to learn?”


If we go all the way back to the first novel and the visit by Mr. Gabriel to Salem, Helena mentioned that there was a bit of information that Gabriel brought to the table that didn’t come from her.  Based upon that, it’s somewhat easy to see that isn’t telling her old pals in San Francisco everything she knows about Annie and Kerry.  Is this wise? asked the ostrich sticking its head out of the back of the van.  Assuming this isn’t some drug-induced hallucination, possibly, as Helena may be a bit concerned that the Guardians want to push these kids a bit too much and she’s worried about where that will lead.

Then again, maybe she’s like every other spook in the Guardians and knows that some things need to remain secret.  Which means they aren’t telling her everything she needs to know, but then she’s probably aware of that, which is why she isn’t telling everything she knows, but they’re aware of that and…

On and on.  You know it.

With that G Biz out of the way–hey, teach, what are we learning?


A sense of eagerness crept into Deanna’s features as she began. “Were going to go through his many of the Astral Disciplines as possible. I want to start you out on Aura Readings first, because I believe is something you pick up rather quickly and it will be something you can use immediately.”

Kerry grew serious upon hearing this. “That’s where we’ll be able to see another person’s aura and tell what they’re thinking?”

“It’s not so much should be able to tell what they’re thinking, as you be able to tell their emotional and sometimes mental states as they speak with you.” Dan adjusted her position as she grew more comfortable. “It’s often used by the instructors and counselors to determine if someone is being completely truthful when they speak.”

“So like a lie detector.”

“In a certain sense, yes. It may not tell you if a person is lying in a complete sentence, but it can alert one to the fact that the person with whom you are speaking may be telling a great number of falsehoods.” Deanna cocked her head to the side as she looked at Kerry. “I certainly hope you won’t be using this all the time to know who around you is being completely truthful.”

Annie jumped into the conversation. “I wouldn’t do that.” She didn’t mention, however, that she wouldn’t do that all the time… “Will you also teach us how to modify and hide our own auras?”

Deanna nodded once more. “That is part of the instruction, yes. In order to understand how the auras of others work, you have to understand how yours works, and that involves being able to modify and even hide your aura from others.” She turned her now-knowing look upon Annie. “I do expect that you will likely use this part of the spell quite often.”

Annie’s expression told both Deanna and Kerry what she was thinking before she spoke. “Oh, I intend to utilize that part of the spell as much as possible.”

Deanna gave a soft chuckle. “I’ll keep that in mind.”


Seeing and hiding those auras.  And being able to tell what the other person may be feeling and thinking.  Now, how could Annie use this?


(Annie)  “So, Emma, how was your overnight trip with Kerry?”
(Emma)  “Oh, it was good.”
(Annie)  “Nothing happened, right?”
(Emma)  “Yeah.  Nothing happened.”
(Annie charges up a black ball of energy)  “You lying little bitch…”


Okay, maybe not exactly like that, but once the other kids get wind that the Wonder Twins are learning this, they’ll likely learn to watch what they say in front of them.  And for the sake of transparency:  yes, other students know how to do this, but none of them are C Levels.

But wait!  There’s more to learn–

“Fear the Walking Dead” Season 3 to Premiere 4 June

We finally know when we are going to “Fear”…

The Snarking Dead TV Recaps

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Because AMC believes I have nothing else to do this summer, Season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead will premiere on 4 June, 2017, with Episodes 1 and 2 being shown back-to-back.  That’s okay, ’cause I’m used to pressure and I can do this and Orphan Black at the same time as I finish up Sense8.  Bring it, Gimple!

Not much has been released concerning the fate of the characters after the various outcomes they encountered at the end of Season 2.  We know that Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) is in the custody of some Minutemen-type on the US/Mexico border, that Nick (Frank Dillane) and Lucinda (Danay García) have been attacked by similar characters, that Strand (Colman Domingo) stayed behind at the hotel, and Madison (Kim Dickens), Travis (Cliff Curtis), and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) are looking for Nick.  Oh, and Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) is still dead.  Lucinda and Nick were…

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