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Looking Beyond the Curtain

What started this morning has moved on into the afternoon, which means there have been updates.  Most of all one of a personal nature–

No do like those new dos you do.

Yes, I went out and got a new wig and I have to say it was the right move.  I love the cut a lot and may just go back to shaving the head because my real hair is never going to get this good.  Hey, small price to pay to look good–particularly when a cut, color, and cap–I’ll still need to wear something to cover the bald–will likely run me $300 to $500 every six months.  So it looks like I’m heading back to wig country.

While I’m doing that, my kids are heading into some special territory–a place where humans normally don’t travel.  Unless they’re witches, and special ones at that.  And Annie wants to know what goes into being a member of the Special Witches Club:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“After that we’re going to learn Astral Projection and Astral Walking?”

Deanna fidgeted a bit on her pillows. “Before I go on, would either of you like tea?”

Annie and Kerry glanced at each other before Kerry spoke with a tone that expressed his incredulity. “Is this a loaded question?”

Deanna shook her head. “No visions this time; I’m simply offering tea.”

“Now I know I’m not going to get a vision with my beverage—” Kerry smiled broadly. “I love tea.”

Annie nodded in agreement. “As would I.”


You know it’s bad when your instructor offers tea and the first thing that comes to mind is, “She’s gonna have us off on another vision.”  Well, something an offer of tea is just that:  having some tea.  And with the beverage selection out of the way, they can get back to talking about class:


Deanna got to her feet. “Allow me to prepare, then.” Deanna headed to a small cabinet in the corner of the room and removed a kettle which began steaming as soon as she waved her hand over the top. She dropped several teabags into a small pot and poured in the water, then let the bag seep as she gathered cups and saucers before handing them to her students. “That should be ready in a few minutes.”

Annie set her cup and saucer aside. “When will we get to Astral Walking?”

“My, you are eager.” In the year and a half Deanna had known Annie she can remember seeing her this excited about learning magic. “Naturally, opening the Curtain takes a bit more skill than being able to read auras or project your aura into the Astral Realm. I don’t expect to actively to begin actively teaching you Astral Walking until we return from Yule holiday, but…”


“I will take you into the Astral Realm before then.” She motioned towards the teapot and levitated it toward them, finishing her statement as she poured the tea. “You need to know a little about getting around in their before you actually go in there.”

Annie found it almost difficult to keep her cup and saucer from shaking as she considered thoughts of what it was going to be like entering the Astral Realm. Her mother and father had never advance this far into Astral Studies, so they had no tales of what it was like passing through the Curtain and beyond the Physical Realm.

As much as she enjoyed sorcery, Annie was nearly as fascinated by Astral Studies. She had always wanted to Dreamwalk and Astral Projection was another thing that she did want to learn as a young girl. Her parents lack of reading material on the subject kept her restricted in her studies, but she had never lost interest in wanting to know what existed beyond the Curtain.

And now, not only did she know how to Dreamwalk and was going to learn how to Astral Project, Deanna was going to take Kerry and her physically through the Curtain so they could stand on the other side.


And now you have the truth:  The Little Sorceress also wants to spend time on the other side of the Curtain and she’s been oh so eager to learn how to get there. And it seems like it won’t be long before the kids are gonna get to do a little walkabout in the Astral Realm so they can get a feel for the territory and learn what they can and can’t do.

And speaking of what Deanna doesn’t want them doing–

12 thoughts on “Looking Beyond the Curtain

  1. Side note – love the new hair! I’m thinking of ditching the wigs and glue on weaves altogether and just shaving my head, leaving it bare to the world. Still so self conscious about it though. Sigh.

    Alright back to the story…I’m getting goose pimply thinking about what might happen to the goobers once they cross over. The Astral Plane or rather Realm, doesn’t sound like someplace one goes to just “hang out”.

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