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Office Space For the Magically Inclined

Well, it happened.  No, not that, whatever you’re thinking.  The thing I’m talking about is I hit one hundred and fifty thousand words.

See? It’s right here.

The funny thing is I wasn’t even aware as to how close I was until I did a quick check after making some edits over what I did the night before and saw I was about one hundred and twenty-five words short.  I ended the evening putting about seven hundred and fifty words into the scene, but I spent about fifteen minutes setting up my milestone on my author’s page so that likely cut into the amount–

No, it didn’t.  I ended the scene at a good place.  And that place happens to be where Annie and Kerry are starting their test and getting set to kick homunculi butt–the Kali Test I’ve talked about for a few months now.  It’s finally Go Time and they’re in for the toughest time of their lives, at least at school–

But before we can get to that point we need to get this all set up.  That’s what most of Chapter Eleven is about:  the before, during, after, and after-after of this test.  And since we’re starting Chapter Eleven, that must mean we’re showing how the before begins.

However, a little history first…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Unless there was pressing business elsewhere on the school grounds, Friday afternoons found Ramona Chai in her first floor office in the East Transept of the Great Hall. Though she had an office in Gwydion Manor, once she was finished with Beginning Self Defense and Weapons there wasn’t any need to remain there unless she needed to take care of an issue that could only be handled at the Manor.

Normally every instructor had two offices. There was one in the main building where they taught and another located either in the Great Hall, or in the coven towers. The only ones who were lucky enough to have an office in the coven towers were, of course, the coven leaders, though due to the pressures put upon their time, they surprisingly spent little time there.

There were also a few instructors who are of a mind that if students needed to see them, they could come to their office in the place where they taught. Matthias Ellison was one of those instructors: even though he had an office in the Great Hall, it was rarely used, as he preferred conducting business at the Auditorium. The same was true for those witches who taught super science and give control. Polly Grünbach had an office in the History and Arts Building where she taught science and math: Fitzsimon Spratt and Inyx Armanjani had offices in the Tesla Science Center; and Tristyn Julin maintained her office and the Shone Powers Center. Fitzsimon made the best case for this choice, pointing out that what they did was slightly different than what the other witches at Salem did, so why not stay close to their parts of the magical world?

Ramona didn’t see any reason to fault his logic.

As always her office was quiet, though everything in this corner of the building generally remained quiet day and night. At one time, perhaps a hundred and fifty or two hundred years ago, all of the instructors had offices in this section of the East Transept, as well as occupying a few offices along the first floor level of the East Hallway.

These days, however, all of the offices on the first floor of the East Hallway had been converted into activity rooms and used for a few smaller classes, as the onslaught of students that seers and Prognosticators saw arriving at the school in the last few decades of the Twentieth Century never materialized. Some claimed the students never came because by building all of the extra space, the visions of a Salem with over five hundred students became invalidated. Other seers believed that none of these early visions anticipated The Schism and the rise of the Deconstructors, which was considered one of the primary reasons the Aware population hadn’t grown as rapidly as expected.

It didn’t matter to Ramona. She was a natural optimist and believed that the time envisioned by those Prognosticators had not yet arrived and within a few decades the visions would begin coming true. She believed there was nothing wrong in anticipating events decades or even centuries before the occurred; therefore, she saw no reason to lament the over-construction of the Salem grounds.

The students were coming—though the possibility existed that they had not yet been born…

“I hope I haven’t caught you at a bad time?”


There hasn’t been much talk about why the Great Hall is so, well, great, but now you get a little insight into this history.  See, at one time people saw that there would be a lot more witches coming to school that then currently existed, so plans were made to get the Hall as big as possible.  Also, when Salem started out everything was kept inside the Great Hall:  classrooms, offices, dorms, kitchen–you name it, it was here.

But all of those seers and prognosticators were wrong for various reasons, not the least of which is something called The Schism.  Yeah, you’ll hear about that later.  Maybe not this novel, but later for sure.

Now, about these offices.  While we’ve never really seen them, we have seen them.  Sort of–

Hey, remember this?  I think a kiss happened down one of those halls–

Yes, it was right down in this area that almost two years earlier–two years!–a certain Ginger Hair Boy got lip locked by a certain Ginger Girl From Boulder.  The kiss happened in that upper hallway on the left, whereas Kerry went to cry and feel betrayed in the hallway on the right.  And if we want to know everything, the kiss happened right outside Ramona’s office.

It’s almost like we’re returning to the scene of the crime.

But we won’t get into that moment–instead, someone wants to speak about this test…

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