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Morning Coffee With the Clever Ones

Guess what happened two years ago today? Just guess!

Wide Awake But Dreaming

Writers are liars.  That’s because all we do is tell stories that, even when there’s a modicum of truth behind the tale, are still a fabrication that came straight from our imagination.  Now, I mean, not everything we say is a load of crap, but you have to guess that a lot of times when we are discussing things, particularly our stories, there comes a point when we can’t be completely upfront and honest about the work, mostly due to the need to keep things hidden from the reader.

I can’t let you know all my secrets, right?

However, there are times when what I say becomes an unfact only because of events that twist me around and tell me, “Hey, babe, if you don’t wanna be bored, get off your ass and do something.”  and over the last couple of days the urge to get off my ass and do something has been…

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