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Almost Live and In Person

Today am doing something completely different: I doing a video from and outside location.  And it’s rather unusual, even for me.  But I think you’ll find it enjoyable.

24 thoughts on “Almost Live and In Person

  1. Whoa !!!!!!!!!! nnie’s parent are coming to see their SIL compete ???????? That is so exciting !!!!!!!! bet you it’s gnna be like this….. Dad, this is Kerry….. ‘ and Kerry will be like, ” How are yu, Sir .” And dad,being taller than Kerry. will be looking down at Kerry, the shrimp.

    • There will be some of that. Kerry got stared at once, he’ll probably get stared at again. And… it’s gonna make him want to race harder. I mean, they’re really there because Annie asked, but they’ll watch the races.

  2. I don’t recall it, but you did say something like that would happen…… But , I don’t think it’ ll be Emma. I mean, hasn’t she learned anything yet ? She’s not an 11 year old anymore. I’m thinking t will be another girl, and most probably Lisa’s friend.

          • The Headmistress leaves racing to her Flight Instructor. That’s why she’s the Headmistress, so she doesn’t have to do that.

            The only time she would get involved in Vicky’s business would be if every race turned into a blood bath. Then she’d want to know how to stop that.

          • Kerry gets pummeled almost at every race . That warrants an investigation and subsequent punishment. I will have a talk with the Headmistress regarding this matter.

          • He doesn’t get pummeled every race: only the ones I talk about. That’s been like three races in the last book out of like 50 races a year. Of the six races I spoke of in the last book, he finished two great, one not so great, one pretty badly, and two he never finished–once due to an accident and once due to himself leaving the race.

            So out of 50 he ended up going to the hospital 4 times, and once was for his DNF when he left the course. That means he was in the hospital 6% of his races due to altercations/accidents.

            That’s hardly a pummeling. And if you remember, actions were taken for Emma’s crap: she lost points and sat out two races, and was nearly kicked off the team. Lisa’s lost points last year: we’ve yet to see what will happen this year.

          • The Guardians know Deconstructors almost killed Kerry and he defended himself and others during their attack. They’d chuckle to hear about his racing accidents. “Oh, his knee was hurt during a race? That’s sweet.”

          • She has to be harassed. Annie should be relentless , and let Lisa know she can be bitchy, too. Lisa doesn’t deserve kindness. Lsa and Franky and that first year should know their place and who they’re taking on.

          • That girl who’s in Lisa’s coven, who’s bitching during one of her class where Annie and Kerry are minions. Oh, wait, in Helena’s class.

          • Oh, that girl. Remember. she’s in the fish bowl and neither Annie or Kerry can get her in face. Now, if she gives them shit during class they can say something, otherwise they have to stay away from her until she’s a B Level. They also aren’t allowed to call her out–rules.

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