‘iZombie”, Season 3, Episode 3, “Eat, Pray, Liv”

Sit upright in the lotus position as you center your inner eye upon all this zombieness–

The Snarking Dead TV Recaps

[Image via The CW]

So where are we this week? Oh yes: we are all in need of finding our inner souls while we align our third chakra, because it’s time to get into the Now and Zen and delve into this last week’s episode.

How’s about giving me in “ooommmmm” so we can start this “Zeebriefing”?

  •   Let’s get the murder of the week out of the way, because in the grand scheme of things—and of this episode—it really wasn’t all that important. Some new age Zen guru got his brain splattered—literally. There was only one witness to the murder and description he gave was sketchy, but it was just enough to find a pair shoes in a dumpster that matched the guy who worked with is an guru. Only the Zen guru wasn’t killed by the duty worked with, he was killed by a former business partner we…

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All Over the Place

I said I would have a video on Sunday, and I am a woman of her word.  And here it is. Enjoy.

And if you want to see the route I walked yesterday, here that is.