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All Over the Place

I said I would have a video on Sunday, and I am a woman of her word.  And here it is. Enjoy.

And if you want to see the route I walked yesterday, here that is.

10 thoughts on “All Over the Place

  1. The music is extra loud in this video, but you can still be heard clearly….. no problem.

    So, if Annie’s grandma gave birth to her Mom when she was 22 years old, her husband was a 16- year old teenager when Annie’s Mom was conceived. ( I included the 9 month period of pregnancy. ) I assume there’s a story behind this ? Was the grandpa a witch, too ?

  2. I’m totally hyped up about Kerry meeting Annie’s folks in next book ! !

    I wonder when Kerry’s parents going to visit Salem and meet Annie ….. or is that scene going to occur at Kerry’s home ? Just wondering……..

    Are there any ” entities ” living beyond the veil ? One thing for sure, The Phoenix is, and I wonder what she does for entertainment, besides messing up the first years .

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