On Beyond the Curtain: Lay of the Land

Blessed Beltane, Happy International Workers Day, Have a Great Mayday:  all are valid today.  As such I stopped along the way to snap a picture from the cloudy, cool steps of the Capitol Building, much like I did last year–

Oh, it’s also the first day of MerMay, something stared by artist and animator Tom Bancroft, where people are encouraged to draw a mermaid picture every day in May.  I was told that since I’m not an artist I should write a little each day concerning the activities of a mermaid of my own creation.  We’ll see what happens tonight.

Now that real life is out of the way…

Today is the first day my kids physically travel beyond The Curtain and it’s nothing like what they’ve seen before.  And since I don’t want to keep people in suspense, let’s go!


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


There was no direct light source: it seemed as if everywhere within the Astral Realm existed within a perpetual state of Magic Hour. It was bright enough here to see everything clearly, yet the lack of shadows told Annie that anyone standing within this place would instantly know they were no longer within the Normal world.

And if one needed for the reminding, they needed to only look around at the colorful landscape.

This sky was a combination of glowing fluorescent and shimmering iridescent colors that seem to be moving at all times. To Annie’s eyes the sky appeared in constant movement, with colors swirling and merging with each other, creating complex, intricate patterns. She stood watching the same section of sky for nearly a minute and Annie was certain she never saw the same pattern repeat.

She examined the space around them. They were still standing inside the classroom, but the walls had taken on a ghostly translucence, making it possible to see through them into the other parts of Memory’s End. Annie looked down at her feet and saw the ground floor classroom below, picking out the doors and the pillows as well. It was then that it struck her: in order to see the sky, she was looking through the outer walls of Memory’s End to the world beyond.

Kerry, who stood alongside, appeared outlined by a brilliant sheath of color. Annie immediately realized she was seeing his aura, which had to be visible in this realm. She raised her right arm and saw the same ghostly outline of color surround it, her hand, and each of her fingers and thumb. But when she looked at Deanna she saw something completely different: while she could see her aura, it was far fainter, almost ghostly in appearance. And Deanna was no longer wearing the jeans and tee shirt she had on when she greeted him: instead she appeared to be wearing some sort of softly glowing armor that covered her from neck to feet. She wore a similar, faintly glowing helmet, as well as a brightly glowing sheathed sword set on her left hip.


We already know what we’re seeing on Deanna, because she wore this armor in the last novel.  However, we were the only ones to see this, which means she’s gonna explain things to the kids:


It was only upon seeing her instructor’s outfit that Annie finally broke the silence. “Deanna, what do you have on?”

Annie’s words were enough to pull Kerry back from his gawking so he could witness Deanna’s outfit as well. He was outwardly impressed by what he saw. “Holy geez, you look like Lady Sif.”

Deanna laughed as she placed her hand on the hilt of her sword. “I have to admit that I garnered the idea from the designs of her armor.”

Annie, however, needed an answer to her question. “Why are you wearing that? What is it?”

The seer turned towards Annie. “It’s Astral Armor. The concept is similar to the Physical and Magical Shields we throw around ourselves for protection in the Physical Realm. Here, both those magics are somewhat useless: you instead need something that form fits to your body while offering the same protection.” She shrugged. “I put it on out of habit, which is why you see it now.”

Kerry pointed at her waist. “What’s with the sword?”

“This is nothing more than Astral Energy forged into a shape that allows me to use it for all offensive and defensive measures.” Deanna tapped the health as she smiled. “This is really no different that the weapons you’ve learned to create out of Mystical Energy. The concept is the same; only the crafting source is different.”


We’re finally learning a bit about the unseen world beyond The Curtain.  Tomorrow we get to do a bit of looking around as we learn…