Going Soviet On Insulin (And Healthcare Insurers As Death Panels)

Some are going for black market drugs to keep from dying…

Mike the Mad Biologist

This is shameful (boldface mine):

Fourth grader Gabriella Corley is trapped. She has type-1 diabetes and is allergic to the kind of insulin her insurer makes affordable — and her family can’t pay for the kind she needs every day to stay alive…

Soaring insulin prices and inflexible insurance policies have forced this working-class mom to take desperate measures outside the system to keep her child alive.

Gabriella is allergic to the kind of insulin her insurer covers at a $25 out-of-pocket cost. She can only take Apidra, but her insurance only covers 25 percent of the price, leaving the family to pay hundreds of dollars a month they can’t afford.

So her mom has turned to the black market, trading for the medication with other families with diabetes she meets online, a tactic that regulators and health experts warn is a health risk. And she cut a back-end…

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On Beyond the Curtain: Getting Into the Open

Something interesting happened yesterday.  No, not my mermaid story, where I cranked out a couple of scenes–about twelve hundred words–in a couple of hours, then wrote almost six hundred more in the novel after that.  No, this is different.

See, with this next scene I have a certain spirit who’s shown up to chat.  At some point she refers to other spirits like her, which meant I really needed to know the names of those other spirits.  And it developing their names–

I now know the real name of The Phoenix.

Yes, she has a real name.  Will you ever discover it?  Probably not.  But I know who she is and that’s what matters.

Now, she hasn’t shown up yet.  That’s mainly due to my kids still being stuck back at Memory’s End.  But that’s about to change…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


Kerry’s thoughts were still on something Deanna had said a few moments earlier. “So, could you actually create physical structures here using mystical energy?” He pointed to her sword. “I don’t mean just your weapon or your armor: I mean, like, could you make a house here?”

Deanna nodded. “Yes, you could. It would take some time but it’s entirely possible. Now, I want you to listen closely… As you can see, I’m floating rather easily in mid air. There is no trick to this: one can move about in the air as easily as Annie does with her Flight Gift. In actuality, it’s much closer to how one moves about when they’re dreaming—”

Annie didn’t need for further elaboration as she understood Dreamwalking well. “So, you just will yourself to fly and you do?”

“It’s as simple as that. The biggest difference between flying here and doing what you do in the Physical Realm is that your top speed here is not much more than perhaps sixty kilometers an hour.” She motioned towards both children. “Go ahead, try this. Annie, it should come easy to you; Kerry, you may have to work at it a bit, but I’m certain you’ll get it.”

Annie was hovering seconds later, aided by her Flight Gift. She did notice, however, they going into a hover took almost no effort; she barely even considered performing the action before her feet left the ground.

She watched Kerry out of the corner of her eye, eager to see how well he’d hover. While he had no difficulty levitating objects, Annie had rarely seen him use limitation on himself other than in the few instances where he needed to rise maybe a meter or two off the ground in order to retrieve something on a high shelf. She wasn’t surprised to see him rise off the ground: she was surprised, however to see him move side to side as easily as she did when using her Gift.

She spun to face him. “How do you feel?”

“It feels great.” He moved up then down, trying to get a better feel for his mobility. “Now I know how you feel when you’re doing this.”

“And you look a bit like Annie when you’re doing that.” Deanna move slightly forward and leaned so that her body was sticking halfway through the outer wall of Memory’s End. She held out her arms. “Take my hands so I can phase you through the wall.”

Annie took hold of the in his right hand as Kerry was reaching for her left. A moment later Deanna pulled them through the wall, allowing Annie to feel the tingling strangeness that came with passing through a physical structure that wasn’t really there. The moment they were outside Annie looked around and realized that the sky was far more brilliant than originally envisioned, something she put down to having been inside the building. The colors were far more brilliant, the contrast more vivid, the movement of the astral sky far easier to perceive. There was also something else… “What’s that sound?”


In the Astral Realm anyone can Fly Like Annie, but they still have to learn how to phase through walls.  Give them time:  pretty soon they’ll be as good as Wednesday.

But it won’t happen tomorrow.  Believe that.