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“The Calling” Scene 4: “The Trip”

The remainder of May passed quickly it wasn’t long before Penny was facing the first day of summer vacation. She wanted to visit with Kemena, but she and her mother were heading south to Las Cruces to visit her aunt, and it would be a week before she’d see her again.

That first Saturday they did little but sit around the house and relax. However, before bed, Penny’s mother told her that they would do something next day—something that she thought Penny would enjoy. She went to bed that night wondering what it was that her mother had in mind—

She was going to have to wait until morning to find out.

Leigh had breakfast ready at seven sharp. The moment breakfast was finished she told Penny to throw a few things in her backpack and head for the car, for she had all the things they needed for their trip. Penny did is told and headed out to the Jeep SUV parked in the middle of the two car garage.

A few moments later Leigh appeared with a weekender bag that she threw in the back seat. They pulled out of the garage and headed north through the San Gabriel subdivision where they lived before turning left on Montgomery Boulevard. They followed at west until they reached I-25; Leigh turned right and headed north on interstate.

After they driven a couple of miles Penny finally asked her they were heading. Her mother looked over from her seat and smiled. “Were heading up to Placitas.” She gave her daughter a broad wink. “I have a surprise.”

It didn’t take long to get to Placitas. They were traveling for about twenty-five minutes before Leigh took a hard left off of New Mexico 165 begin driving up into the low mountains. Penny had never been here before, but just looking at the houses told her that the people living here had far more money than them. “Where are we going, Mama?”

They finally pulled up to the driveway the climbed up the slope of the hill to a large house. There was a gate at the top, but Leigh punched in a code on the keypad near the gate which opened it for them. As they drove in the gate closed behind them.

Penny had never seen a house like this. It was far bigger than theirs, maybe three times larger, and there was a high fence leading off from the right of the garage and from the left of the main house. “What is this place?”

“They’re a client: I’m doing landscaping for them.” She brought the Jeep to a stop, parked it, and turned off the engine. “They’re in Europe for the summer, so the house is empty.

They gave me the codes to unlock the fence gate so I can get into the back to work; they also told me I could come appear anytime I wanted.” She pulled the keys out of the ignition and drop them in her purse, then opened the driver’s door. “Let’s do this, Honey.”

Penny was still confused as to why they were here. “Do what, Mama?”

Lee smiled back at her daughter. “We’re going to go swimming.”


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