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Morning After the Long Night

Yeah, it’s video time, kids, and there’s a lot coming your way…

17 thoughts on “Morning After the Long Night

  1. Cassie !!!!!!

    I can barely hear the video. I checked out the setting and it was on 100%. And your video is the only one that I can’t hear ! !

    • Check the sound on the YouTube video itself the speaker at the bottom of the video. Cuz I’m playing it right now and I’m hearing it just fine. Also, check the sound on your computer. I’m playing it and I hear it just great on mine.

  2. I’m thinking…. don’t go slacking on this novel. Maybe Netflix or Hulu might want to ppick it up, and do a live action, then what will happen ? The story will be entirely different from the novel, or from what you have in mind, because , you have not written it down, yet.

    Not that I’m urging you to write , write, write, but seriously , I have such high hopes for this novel….. it’s a movie on my mind. ( Movie on my mind…. that’s the title of a song from Miss Saigon, and the original recorded song was sung by a fellow Filipina.. )

  3. I just check out Movie in My mind on Utube….. if you want to listen, select by original cast. The singer happens to be the daughter of my Moms friend.

      • It took about to a year to look for the cast…… then one day, someone asked if they had been to the Philippines, like , Filipinos love to sing , and they have very good entertainers/singers there. So the producer/composer of Miss Saigon went …… and got all those who had auditioned. Miss Saigon of course was Lea Salonga, who later got the Sir Lawrence Olivier award for Best Actress…. then when it was brought to Broadway, Lea Salonga got the Tony Award for Best Actress. . The original cast of Miss Saigon was an all Filipino cast, except of course the American soldiers.

        Bythe way, for a long time, Lae Salonga was Les Miserables Ephonine. She also sang Walt Disney’s A whole New World and Mulan’s . Lea Salonga was only 16 years old when she was cast as Miss Saigon.

        • I remember when it first arrived in the US there was some controversy over there being no Vietnamese leads, and that Jonathan Pryce was done up in “yellowface” so he’d look Asian. The West End production was almost canceled over this.

          • Th story was, they did auditioned a lot of Vietnamese talents, but , I guess there was none they could pick ? Check out Isay Avarez ‘s Movie in My Mind…. she sand that in her audition and the producers were blown away…. but they needed a sweet voice of Lea Salonga’s. Lea has a Walt Disney ” princess ” type voice.

            Later one, Jonathan Pryce’s character was taken over by a Filipino understudy who had a superb voice than Jonathan Pryce’s.

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