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“The Calling” Scene 7: “The Reveal”

“Mama.” Penny’s head swam not unlike her mother was doing right at this moment. In front of her. While sporting a lovely emerald green tail streaked through with delicate lines of a mango yellow. And talking to her. She shook her head. Mama shouldn’t be able to talk; I shouldn’t be able to hear her. I shouldn’t be able to breathe underwater. I shouldn’t have a tail.

Leigh, however, didn’t seem nearly as shocked as her daughter. “Oh, Honey. I’ve always wanted to see a tail. And it’s so beautiful.” She circled her daughter, admiring her cobalt blue tail speckled with flex of crimson and gold. “I never imagined my daughter would have such a standout feature.”

Penny held up her hands. “Mama, Mama. What is going on?”

Leigh some along her daughters right side and did a back flip before twisting around and putting a comforting hand upon her shoulder. “Penny, darling, what exactly do you think is happening?”

“Well…” She glanced upward at the surface of the pool, now maybe twelve feet above her head. “I got into the water and I—changed.”

“Uh, huh. And?”

“And, I, um, grew a tail.”

“You did. Do you see now why I wanted you to take off your bikini bottom?”

“I do, Mama.”

“And what else happened, Honey?”

Penny drew in a deep breath, completely pushing out of her mind the fact that she was drawing in water instead of their. “You jumped in the pool and your legs changed into a tail, just like mine did.”

Lee nodded slowly, her hair bobbing in the water. “Now that all this is happening, do you know what this means?”

The word rested right on the tip of Penny’s tongue: it had actually been there ever since she looked down at herself and saw what happened to her legs. “It means—we’re…”

Leigh took a daughter’s hand. “You can say the word; I know you can.”

Penny turned and faced her mother. “We’re mermaids.”

Leigh wrapped her arms around her daughter’s shoulders and gave her a tight hug. “Oh, I waited so long for this moment.” She kissed her on the cheek. Of course, I wasn’t certain if this was actually going to happen—”

Penny gave her tail hard flick and push back away from her mother. “How can we be mermaids? They don’t exist.”

“Really.” Lee laughed, though it sounded far stranger than anything Penny had heard before. Honey, if there are no such thing as mermaids, then what are we?”

That was a question Penny couldn’t answer. If her mother and she hadn’t transformed into mermaids, then the only other explanation for this was that she was dying and suffering from a hallucination. And that didn’t seem like much of a realistic possibility.

She swam around her mother examining her closely. She finally maneuvered herself close to her mother’s wide and delicate fin and gave it a light touch. “Wow.”

Leigh looked down and smiled. “Like that?”

“It’s like touching warm silk.” Penny ran her hand along the tail. “So soft, but it’s so strong.” With a slight flick of her tail she was facing her mother. “How? What is all this?”

“Let’s sit.” Lee nodded toward the bottom of the deep end. “I’ll tell you everything.”


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