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On Beyond the Curtain: Down to Business

Yes, as I said I would do, I got my nails done last night along with my brows.  I picked a dark color by OPI called Kerry Blossoms–because I had to go with that name for my polish–and then had a powder overlay applied that sort of makes them shimmer.  It’s a really nice effect–

Getting them all shinny and glowing.

Next time I’m thinking of going aqua and then having what’s known as unicorn chrome powder put on to gives me mermaid nails, which I must have.  I should put some glitter on there as well.  Because why not?

The upside to all this is now I can type again–like I’m doing now–though for all the big writing I’ll use Dragon.  And speaking of writing I did a segment for The Calling and almost five hundred and fifty words for the novel.  So not a bad night for writing.  I still need a good thousand word day, but I’ll keep taking those five hundred plus days as they add up.

After learning about The Phoenix’s lineage yesterday, it’s time to do as the title of his post suggests and get down to business.  And that’s what she does:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016 by Cassidy Frazee)


The Phoenix folder hands in her lap. “I want to talk.”


“About you.” She stood up, straightening her jacket. “Specifically, about you both.”

Kerry shrugged and glanced first at Annie then back at The Phoenix. “What you want to talk about?”

“Certainly not what everyone else at school talks about. Seems most of the people at Salem like to talk about how perfect you two are.” A strange smile slowly formed on The Phoenix’s face. “Not me: I want to talk about your flaws.”


There’s been some reader discussion regarding people at school and what they say about Annie and Kerry.  While there are some who believe they are a couple of major kiss-asses, and others who see them as nothing more than the Lovey-Dovey Couple, there are some, among whom are a few instructors, who marvel at their abilities.

Of course, those people never discuss all the things that may be wrong with these two.  Phee, however, she wants to dive deep into that shit.  And who will tell her no?


Both children stiffened while Annie shot a wary glance at the spirit. “Why would you want to talk about our flaws?” She slowly raised her right eyebrow. “Assuming, of course—”

“Don’t even try to tell me you aren’t flawed, Annie.” The Phoenix shook her head. “It would be about the biggest lie out of your mouth ever.”

Annie crossed her arms. “As you say, then.” She cast a defiant look in the direction of the spirit. “What is my weakness?”

“I didn’t say a word about weaknesses; I’m talking about flaws.” The Phoenix took a step towards Annie. “I can tell you what it isn’t: it’s certainly not affection. You’ve always gotten plenty of affection from both your parents—” She jerked a them in Kerry’s direction. “Unlike the Ginger Hair Boy over here, you’ve never had to worry about hugs and kisses and Mama and Papa saying they loved you. No, you never lacked affection. But that was never what you wanted the most from them…”

The Phoenix’s tone grew softer and more serious. “What you’ve always wanted his attention; you’ve always craved adulation. You always wanted your parents to recognize that not only were you a good girl, but you were a great witch. Even more so, once you learned their little secret, you just had to make certain they knew you were a fantastic sorceress.”

Kerry hadn’t realized he’d reacted to The Phoenix’s last statement until the spirit addressed him. “I can see and interpret your aura just fine, Kerry, so be aware that at the moment I know you want to ask something, I’m going to make certain that question is asked. So tell us what you want to know.”


Yeah, that’s kind of a bitch when this old spirit knows you want to ask a question, she’s gonna make sure you ask that sucker–


Knowing if he didn’t ask the question The Phoenix would keep badgering him until he did, he went ahead and spoke. “What sort of secret did Annie’s parents have?” He turned to his soul mate. “You’ve never talked about family secrets.”

“That’s because my family doesn’t have any secrets.” Annie cast a deadly glance at The Phoenix. “She’s exaggerating. A lot.”

“Am I?” The Phoenix move close enough to Annie that they could touch each other. “You’ve indicated that your parents had quite a few books on sorcery around the house. And Professor Lovecraft has mentioned that both your parents were good sorcery students.” Her eyes narrowed into a squint. “If they were so good at sorcery, why didn’t either of them go on to become sorceress?”


Yeah, Annie.  We know your parents had a whole lot of books on sorcery around the house because that’s how you got interested in that ‘ol black magic.  Why didn’t they become Guardians?

Guess what we’re gonna find out tomorrow?  Just guess.  You don’t even need to see my aura…


4 thoughts on “On Beyond the Curtain: Down to Business

  1. ooooh, wow ! That’s interesting.

    Annie’s mother’s expertise is formulaic magic, I guess, but has alwasys wished she was good in sorcery. Well, that’s just a guess. Same thing with Papa…. he excelled in racing at school, and maybe ,nothing else ?

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