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“The Calling” Scene 10: “The Summer”

By the end of June construction on the pool was complete and it was filled with water a few days later. Penny was ecstatic that she finally had a place to swim and it wouldn’t be necessary for her to visit her friend’s homes after spending days convincing her mother she wouldn’t tread water in the deep end.

Now that she knew what she was, however, there was no need to convince her mother have a need to go swimming.

The pool took up as much of the backyard as was feasible. Next to the house there was enough room for comfortable walking area and access to the filtration systems, but on the southeast and southwest areas around the pool he came within a few feet of the fence, giving people just enough room to walk around if it were necessary.

The one thing that made their pool different from others Penny had seen was the depth. There was only a small shallow section near the shaded patio, which quickly fell off at a sharp angle so that almost half the pool was twenty-five foot deep. Penny knew why this was necessary: her mother wanted them to have enough room to swim deep. Leigh told Penny that if any of her friends were to ask why their pool was so abnormally deep, she was to tell them that they were both considering taking up scuba diving.

The pool was filled and heated by June 30, which meant that the next morning, July 1, they could swim. Penny was ready, though the truth was she’d been ready to swim again ever since their trip to Placitas where she discovered her true form.

It was only a little after seven when Penny went into the backyard with her tall, wearing her bikini and flip-flops. She laid out her towel said flip-flops aside and, without hesitation, dove into the pool and brought herself to a point almost ten feet below the surface. She stripped off her bikini bottom and allowed it to fall to the bottom as the dictating membrane that acted as a second eyelid slid over her eyes and allowed her to see underwater with extreme clarity.

As she had practiced at Placitas Penny held her legs together and willed the transformation. In a matter of seconds limbs fused together and began to form the beautiful scaled tail that she’d seen for the last time a month earlier. With the transformation complete she drew in a deep breath of water to saturate her lungs, then swim to the bottom to pick up her bottoms so that she could leave them near the edge.

With that done she began taking slow laps around the pool.

As it happened before she couldn’t believe how easily she adapted to underwater life. A month before she was discovering her true nature; now she was gliding around her own pool as if it were no big deal. In actuality it wasn’t: she was her mother’s daughter, and her mother was a child of the ocean. Which meant that she was a child of the ocean, once removed.

With a smile on her face and a quick flick of her tail, Penny headed quickly to the deepest part of the pool then twisted upward and thrashed her tail as hard as she could. She breached the surface and sailed nearly six feet into the air before bending at the waist and diving back into the pool with a loud splash. She wasn’t worried about being seen: along with the construction of the pool her mother had had the height of the fences raise to ten feet, giving them increased privacy against inquisitive neighbors.

She floated to the bottom of the pool and rested there, laying on her back. Penny placed her hands began her head and stared up at the wavering, shimmering surface. She drew in a deep breath as she slowly flapped her tail up and down, all the while imagining the rest of this wonderful summer…


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