“The Calling” Scene 14: “The Year”

Over the course of the next few weeks Kemena and Penny spent nearly every day at Penny’s pool. Every once in a while Penny would come over to swim at Kemena’s house, but Penny’s pool was the only place where she could swim freely as herself.

When she was home with Kemena Penny no longer swam as human: she was always her true self. She grew comfortable enough that she would even sit on the edge of the pool with her tail dipped in the water and chat as if there was nothing unusual. For her part Kemena didn’t think it was strange that her best friend had a tail and could breathe underwater.

Right before school started Leigh bought Kemena a cosmetic mermaid tail and swim fin like the ones used by women who rented themselves out as mermaids for parties and other entertainment. It didn’t take long for Kemena to learn how to swim underwater alongside Penny, though the best she could hope for was perhaps a minute before she had to break the surface and catch a breath.

Every so often Penny would invite over her other friends, lease they thought there was something strange about the two girls spending so much time together. Still, though, it was only when she was swimming with Kemena that Penny felt both most relaxed most happy. She loved the fact she had a friend who knew her secret and didn’t mind that she was different.

The return to school meant Penny could not spend as much time in the pool as she had during the summer, but every night after finishing her homework, she would find time to dive in and swim. These nocturnal swims were done without Kemena and it was only on the weekends but they were now able to get together and enjoy a few hours in the water.

It was also during this time after returning to school that Penny began to learn more about her mother’s pod, or lease what her mother remembered of her time there. After so much time away Leigh’s memories were slightly fuzzy, though she had no need to worry that she was about to forget large chunks of her childhood. As she explained to her daughter, a mermaid’s memory didn’t deteriorate like those of some humans, and while they may not remember everything with perfect clarity, they still remembered enough that they could pass on stories from the childhood to great-great-grandchildren a hundred years later. As she explained, the story she was telling Penny today she would still be able to tell to Penny’s young grandchildren perhaps sixty or seventy years in the future.

As the end of the school year approached so did Penny’s birthday, which fell on May 31. Lee knew that this one, her eleventh, was going to be special, as her daughter had learned of her true existence only a few days after her tenth birthday the year before.She considered the possibility of splurging on a vacation to either the Florida Keys or the Bahamas, where they could find remote stretches of beach that they could both swim along as themselves. She wanted to ask Penny about this first, however, because there was always the possibility that she might want to ask Kemena along.

When her eleventh birthday arrived Penny went to school as she always did but returned that evening with Kemena in tow, as she had been invited to Penny’s birthday dinner. They went out for pizza and ice cream before returning home and opening a few presence that both Leigh and Kemena had bought for her.

It was after all this was over that Leigh brought up the idea of going somewhere for the summer where they could swim in peace. Penny listened politely, but Leigh could tell there was something on her daughter’s mind. “You’re deep in thought tonight.”

Penny nodded. “I was thinking of something else for the summer.”

“And what’s that?”

Penny glanced at Kemena for second before turning to her mother. “I was thinking I’d like to go live with the pod for a while.”

“iZombie”, Season 3, Episode 6, “Some Like It Hot Mess”

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After last week pretty much put the whip to the writers to come up with something good, the iZombie Writers Room ran the real risk of putting together a hot mess. Wait a second: that’s exactly what they gave us! And how hot was that mess? Let’s find out.

  •   First, let’s get the Murder of the Week out of the way. Hot party girl Yvonne is found dead in her bathtub, electrocuted by a hairdryer dropped into the water—which, I believe, The Mythbusters proved couldn’t happen, but I digress; after all, we’re talking about a show were one of the police investigators is a zombie. The woman who rented Yvonne her room says she was, a hot mess drama queen: flighty, spacey, never able to do shit right, and always late with rent. We have no suspects—which is par for the course at this point…

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“The Calling” Scene 13: “The Swim”

Nearly a week and half passed before Kemena returned to swim with Penny. Kemena’s mother hadn’t been angry about her injury: she actually praised Leigh for bringing her daughter home and offering to take her to the ER for further treatment.

Penny felt the slight fear about her from coming over, however. She’d visited Kemena wants after revealing who she was and it seemed almost as if Kemena was trying to find anything to talk about except what it happened at Penny’s pool. In a way Penny hoped Kemena would feel like talking; on the other hand, she sort of hoped things would go back to the way they were before the accident.

Just as before, Leigh was at work leaving Kemena and Penny alone. For nearly the first twenty minutes after they changed into the swimsuits the two girls sat under the patio canopy listening to music and making small talk. Penny finally decided to try and get the conversation going. “Would you like something to drink?”

Kemena shook her head. “Not really.”

Penny half-glanced towards her friend. “Is there anything you like to talk about?”

Kemena twisted around in her chair so she could see her from better. “Anything?”

Penny saw the opening and went for it. “Anything. Even that.”

Kemena fidgeted in her seat for a few seconds. “I wanted to ask you about it but I was afraid you might not want to talk.”

“Why wouldn’t I talk about what I am?”

“Okay.” Kemena looked out over the pool. “Can I see you like that again?”

Penny smiled as she got out of her chair. “Sure, why not?” She nodded toward the pool. “I can only transform where there’s a lot of water—wanna go for swim?”

Penny walked down the steps into the small shallow area. Once the water was up nearly to her chest she wiggled out of her bikini bottoms and let them drop to the floor the pool before she turned to her friend. “Give me a second to do this: I don’t want you to see me without anything on below.”

From where Kemena stood she could just make out Penny’s legs below the water, though everything was wavy into distinct. After about five seconds there was a flash of color and she could make out something larger moving around underneath the surface of the water. She gave her friend astounded look. “Did you just change?”

Penny nodded. She swept her arms forward and seem to move backwards and water faster than any normal person. “Put on your goggles and come on in.”

Seeing that Penny was already in deep water, Kemena walks along the edge of the pool and jumped in as soon as she was even with her. With her goggles on she could see underwater—which meant she could see Penny, who was only a few feet away, perfectly. She saw her hair spread out in the water as she slowly moved her arm side to side, but what caught her attention the most was the magnificent blue and gold tail that started about mid-stomach and ended in a wide, translucent aqua fin.

She flipped over on her left side and swung around in a circle, her tail propelling her effortlessly through the water. She straightened out and came directly at Penny, stopping about a foot away. Her mouth began moving, but instead of words she spoke in a series of whistles, screeches, and pops. As soon as she was done she pointed to the surface.

The moment they broke Kemena spoke. “What was that?”

Penny chuckled. “I asked, ‘Do you like what you see?’.”

“You sounded like a dolphin.”

“Mama calls it The Language. It’s how we speak underwater.” Penny came alongside her friend. “Since you can understand it, will save our speaking for above water.”

Kemena chuckled while looking slightly embarrassed. “So, can we swim around like this?”

Penny glanced upward as if she were examining her eyebrows. “I hope you don’t mind working on holding your breath longer?”

“I don’t.” Kemena adjusted her goggles. “Not one bit.”

“Sense8”, Season 2, Episode 3, “Obligate Mutualisms”

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[Image via Netflix] Yes, I am getting this out a couple of days late. You can think a load of personal crap and an equally crappy Internet connection to blame for that. But here I am, recap a-blazing as we get into Episode 3 of Sense8. And things getting interesting…

Obligate Mutualisms

Written by Lana Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski
Directed by Lana Wachowski

Somewhere unknown/Amsterdam:

After the cluster busted in on the meeting with Croome (Clive Wood), Whispers (Terrence Mann) is in some deep shit and the BPO people have them locked away in the same room where he met Will (Brian J. Smith) in the previous episode. Will shows up to speak with Milt, as he likes to call him, and he’s relating to the rest of the cluster just how down Whispers seems.

[Image via Netflix] Ever the opportunists, Whispers congratulates Will as, he says, it…

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