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“iZombie”, Season 3, Episode 6, “Some Like It Hot Mess”

Who’s bringing the hot zombie recaps today! This Girl! Party on, dudes!

The Snarking Dead TV Recaps

[Image via The CW]

After last week pretty much put the whip to the writers to come up with something good, the iZombie Writers Room ran the real risk of putting together a hot mess. Wait a second: that’s exactly what they gave us! And how hot was that mess? Let’s find out.

  •   First, let’s get the Murder of the Week out of the way. Hot party girl Yvonne is found dead in her bathtub, electrocuted by a hairdryer dropped into the water—which, I believe, The Mythbusters proved couldn’t happen, but I digress; after all, we’re talking about a show were one of the police investigators is a zombie. The woman who rented Yvonne her room says she was, a hot mess drama queen: flighty, spacey, never able to do shit right, and always late with rent. We have no suspects—which is par for the course at this point…

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