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On Beyond the Curtain: The Other Family

Last night was a night of relaxation–who am I kidding?  Writing, baby!  Maybe not novel writing, but you know, between a TV recap and a mermaid scene, and thirty-two hundred words bit the dust before it was all said and done.

Like I said, however, no novel writing.  I’ll likely get to that tonight as I don’t have to start on recaps for another few days, so I got some buffer time.  I see to know my schedule better, so fitting in the time isn’t that big a deal.

I’m still torturing my kids with making them look into a mirror and see how… not perfect they are, though a lot of kids at school still think they are.  Phee’s pretty much done with Annie–which means…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Annie kept her emotions as much in the control as she had ever done in her life, for she didn’t want to give The Phoenix a chance to see what she was really feeling. “He’s right: it is a matter between my father and me. And I understand Kerry wants me to work it out my own fashion, because—” Her voice caught as she looked toward Kerry. “I try not to tell them how to fix things between his family and him. All that does is lead to trouble.”

The Phoenix nodded slowly as she glanced back and forth between both children. “Interesting.” She turned towards Kerry, evidently finished with questioning Annie. “Speaking of your family… Yeah, let’s talk about them.

“We know what you want, Kerry. We know all you’ve wanted your entire life is affection from your parents. Now, it’s true: you get all the affection you’ll ever want from your little Bulgarian Princess here—” The Phoenix motioned toward Annie. “—But you’ve never felt that same affection from your parents. Your father seems afraid to open up to you—maybe because, as he’s said, he has trouble understanding you—but when it comes to your mother there’s no excuse for her actions: she’s just cold as hell.

“It’s easy to understand why your father’s hesitant to express his emotions: he grew up in a household with an alcoholic father and an abused mother, so he’s developed some rather unhealthy coping mechanisms from before he was your age. But as far as your mother being way she is?” The Phoenix shrugged. “Even I can’t say. It’s not because she decided she didn’t want to be a homebody like Annie’s mother; she took to that part well after you were born. And she’s never had a problem juggling her professional and personal lives—though one could say been a bit neglect with leaving you home at an early age so she could go back to work.”


Not much has been said of Kerry’s father’s life.  Kerry mentioned at least once that he’s only seen his fraternal grandfather once, and now we know why:  the dude was/is a drunk.  Also, we know his fraternal grandmother is no longer alive, which could have happened for any number of reasons.

But like Phee points out, Kerry’s dad grew up in an even shittier household, so he’s got a lot of unhealthy coping mechanisms in his life.  And one has to wonder if he, too, considered the possibility he was going to be a shitty father–like, say, his own kid might do one day.  It’s likely that happened–

–But there’s a big difference between Kerry and Davyen, his father.  Kerry has a loving girl who does what she can to support him as much as possible and guide him when it’s called for.

And Davyen had…  Louise.

You know, when The Phoenix can’t figure out your mom–or is refusing to come right out and say, “Your mom’s a bitch”–there’s something really, really wrong in the household.  And Phee knows all about that six year old latchkey kid shit, ’cause she brings it up.  How does Kerry deal with that?


Kerry chuckled. “She hadn’t done that I wouldn’t have bicycled down to my tree to read. And if I hadn’t done that—” He cast a smile in Annie’s direction. “I’d have never gotten the chance to read to my soul mate.”

“True enough there. I guess the only thing we could say is that she’s a bit cold hearted in the emotions department—at least where you’re concerned, that is. And when she does show you emotion…” The Phoenix shook her head. “It seems to be a lot of anger of late.

“But that doesn’t mean you still don’t want that affection. You want it so much, particularly from her.” The Phoenix began walking around Kerry slowly. “Don’t you two make a fine pair: her with her daddy issues and you with your mommy issues. And when it comes to affection from your mother—” The old the elemental spirit leaned in close to Kerry, her face mere centimeters from his. “There’s an additional wrinkle you have to deal with, isn’t there?”


Yeah, it does seem as if my kids have issues getting attention/affection from someone in their family and a vexed for their troubles.  But what of this additional wrinkle?

You know I’m gonna get to that tomorrow…

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