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Give Me Those Call Out Blues

A little different this morning, but I think you’ll like it all.  Enjoy!


23 thoughts on “Give Me Those Call Out Blues

  1. Hurt him , hurt him real bad.

    By the way, have Franky and his gang seen the exhibition on the mat ?

    Yes, those who are very strong tend to be more tolerant because they know they are capable of killing . But there’s a limit to what some people can take. And these baddies do need to learn some lessons, in one form or another…… otherwise , they will
    continue because there are no consequences from their bad behavior.

    • Yes, Franky and Lisa saw and carry take on all those zombies. So they do know how they fight.

      True about being able to take a certain amount. Probably at some point in the future after Amy Perry have had to do more stuff for the Guardians, they’re likely going to be in a position where they don’t feel like taking crap from these kids anymore.

    • It’s an expression. Remember, they’re still visualizing the effect before they apply energy to it and use their willpower to cast it off. So essentially, it’s like they say, they’re using a thought to get the spell off.

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