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‘Twin Peaks’: Here’s My Recap of The Hot Mess That Is Episodes 1-4

Rachel is watching Showtime’s “Twin Peaks”. And… let’s say she’s about to start singing the brilliance of “AHS: Roanoke” after this–

The Snarking Dead TV Recaps

Showtime's 'Twin Peaks,' Season 3, Agent Cooper as Dougie Jones [Image via Showtime] Okay, before I even start with this recap, I need to let you all know that his is David Lynch and Twin Peaks we are talking about. I don’t think I can even recap each episode like I normally do without each one running up thousands of words. Instead, I will be giving my thoughts on this hot mess of a reboot as more of a general review for each episode. And, to honour David Lynch, there will be no relevant order to how these recaps happen. I will not start at the beginning and work my way through the middle before summing up the end of each episode. Oh, hell no! Strap on your helmets, this shit is about to go all over the place.

Another thing I will be doing is adding my thoughts as I watch each episode via The Snarking Dead’s Facebook page. These…

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