Time to Throw Down: Sucker Punch

Well, it’s June and that means it’s Pride Month.  Which means it’s Pride Month on my blog because–surprise!–I happen to occupy a couple of letters in the LGBTQ+ label.  Now, nothing out of the ordinary is gonna happen, though you never know if I’m gonna start show Pride stuff in my posts.  It’s possible.  You never know.

In the continuing story of Cassie the Roller Girl, I went to practice last night and did pretty well.  I managed to actually skate, as in I made it around the rink many times at pretty good speed.  I fell three times, two of them being a flat-out lay out more or less, but other than a couple of bruises I came away from it okay and made it to the end.


The upshot of all this is that since I was actually, you know, working out last night, I am sore as hell today.  I’ll get over it, but it’s feels like the shape of things to come.

But let’s hear about fighting–or, in the case, the aftermath of Kerry being hit with a spell and sorta, kinda blown back by a combo Air Hammer/Fireball.  And Franky getting caught with his hand in his pocket–literally.  What does it mean?  Well…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Franky withdrew his hand showing an object which looked like a stick of lip balm. “Just this.”

“That—” Ramona approached the student slowly, recognizing the object instantly. “You have a spell caster?”

“Well, yeah.” Spell casters were enchanted devices that contained a prepared one-shot spell that could be used by a witch who may not be proficient in certain areas of magic or sorcery. “I checked the rules; it says I can use this.”

At the moment Ramona wasn’t concerned with how he got it: she was more concerned with something else— “You’re supposed to tell me you have one.”

Franky looked down, a sheepish look upon his face. “I didn’t know.”

If you read the rules concerning spell casters you know you’re supposed to tell me.” Ramona thrust a finger in his direction. “I’ll deal with your bullshit in a moment; stay right there.” She hurried across the mat to see how Kerry was doing.


First off, you have to love that in front of half the student body–and probably a few instructors as well, for they’re invited to these things, too–tells a student that she’ll deal with his bullshit later.  Ramona doesn’t get made often, but when she does you don’t want to mess with her.  And she is not happy that someone jacked with her Judgment Trial traditions.

Now, spell casters:  if you can invent something like a Panic Button, which is pretty much an enchanted object with an teleportation spell set inside, it’s gonna be easy to make something that will do a quick and dirty spell for those who can’t normally.  Franky couldn’t fight Kerry one-on-one, not with Kerry being a good sorceress and Franky not, so it stand to reason he’d need help–and here it is!  Why didn’t Lisa use these?  Because she was called out and the rules say you can have someone fight in your place if they agree.  The rules aren’t there to be liked, they’re there to be followed.

Though Franky was supposed to tell Ramona he had one of these and not go, “Oops, I forgot!”  Which is why she’s gonna deal with his bullshit later.  Right now–how’s Kerry doing?


Nurse Bianca was running a scanner over Kerry while Annie knelt beside him, stroking his hair. The left arm of Kerry shirt was blackened by fire and there was an odor of singed hair surrounding him. His eyes were half open, which meant he was unconscious but merely dazed. Ramona knelt down next to Kerry’s left knee with Annie to her left and Bianca across from her. “How is he?”

Kerry chose that moment to stir. His eyes open fully Annie stared at the ceiling for a couple of seconds before he began to moan. “Unnn, unhhh, uhhhhhmmmm, ahhhh…” His body jerked from both pain and frustration. “FUCK.” He closed his eyes to calm himself and slow his breathing: when he opened them he realized who was standing over him and had likely heard his explitive. “Sorry, Professor.”

Ramona chuckled as she patted the back of his right hand. “Given what just happened, you’re forgiven.”

Annie turned her gaze upon her martial arts instructor. “What happened? What was that?”

“Franky had a spell caster in his pocket. I’m guessing he got it from the Spell Center before coming here—something he was supposed to tell me and conveniently forgot.” Ramona looked back over her shoulder where Franky stood. “When I saw his hand sliding into his pocket that’s when I called stop, but Franky went ahead and triggered the effect anyway.” She looked down at Kerry. “Good thing you can get your shields up fast or this would’ve been worse. Bianca, what’s the story?”


I told you Kerry was going to drop a f-bomb and there it is.  But, you know, getting set on fire and blasted by of wall of air sometimes wants to make you say stuff like that, so all is forgiven.  For now.  He probably knows he’s not gonna be able to drop that on Ramona in class one day–

How bad is Kerry?

You’ll have to tune in tomorrow, ‘kay?