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Off For Repair

Seems like two days ago I was actually writing one of these…

So here we are, back in Excerpt Land, and I did a lot of running around yesterday.  I even packed up three boxes of books and I intend to get at least four or five more boxed today.  At the moment it looks like I may be taking five boxes of books back with me and maybe a couple of boxes of DVDs.  Nothing final, but I have until tomorrow to finish packing.  As for the rest I’ll leave it behind and put it in storage.

I said I was going to show a picture of my therapist, with whom I met Tuesday.  So here you go:

At last, she come out of the shadows!


So now you get to see the person help me through my transition, who first saw me sitting in her office nervous, upset, unsure of where I was going to go.  And now, five years later, she remarked on how nice I look, how well I feminized, and how I seem more confident and relaxed.  There’s some truth to that, but I still feel as if I’ve a long ways to go.  Then again, that’s what’s known as life.  And you don’t get where you want to go quickly.

I started on the last scene of Chapter Thirteen  last night.  I didn’t get too far because I was pretty exhausted by the time I got around to writing, and I was actually nodding out in a few points.  But I plugged in more than five hundred words, which is what I always try to get.

See? Here I am, telling the truth.


I don’t expect this scene to run too long, though “too long” to me sometimes means fifteen hundred words, but that’s beside the point.  I’m going to shoot for about fifteen hundred words, max but if I can bring in for less, then make it so.  After that it’s on to Chapter Fourteen, of which I was running the first scene around in my head this morning while I was getting ready.  Like I said, it’s not going to start nice: there’s going to be some nastiness.

Just like when we take Kerry to the hospital–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Kerry lay back in his bed, Annie sitting at his right side, while the other six students from Advanced Spells and Wednesday Douglas did their best to fit inside the confines of Bay #1 and not make too much noise was a spoke with their laid up classmate.

Because of the burns on his face, neck, and arms, Coraline was handling Kerry a bit differently than she had in the past. For one, a magical salve was placed over his burned areas and held in place with light gauze bandages. Also, to help regrow his left eyebrow and had hair that was singed away, a different type of salve was used, necessitating putting a half-cap bandage over the left side of his head.

A three-quarter cast was attached to the lower portion of his forearm to mobilize and help heal the break: this was done to allow the burned areas to breathe. It was trickier dealing with his broken ribs and burnt torso. His chest received the same burn treatment as his arm, face, and neck, but Coraline used an mobilization spell to lock the ribs in place so they could heal. She then used the same type of spell to lock Kerry’s arm to his side so that he wasn’t waving at about, and it was also used to limit the ability for him to turn and move his head.

And because it was always the risk of an infection—even where magic was being used for healing—Coraline told Annie and the others that no one was allowed near Kerry’s left side. She joked that at least for this evening Annie would need to make special accommodations and be happy with her boyfriend’s right hand.


After all of the fighting in the Manor Kerry gets brought back to the hospital where he’s fixed up quite nicely.  Not only that, it gets a bunch of visitors: the entire Advanced Spells class, including Wednesday, show up to pay their respects.  Because if it wasn’t made obvious, Kerry’s not going to class tonight.  Coraline once in the heal up, which means he staying in bed for the evening.

And while he’s grateful that everyone showed up, there are some people he wants to see more than others–


Annie watched the reaction of Naomi and Subhan, as this was her first real interaction with any of the Advanced Spell students beyond class and the “winding down time” they spent in the Dining Hall once class was over. She saw they both appeared somewhat nervous, as if being invited to visit the bedside of an upper level mate was something they were unsure of doing. It was only after Annie assured both B Levels that there wasn’t any issues with their presence that they finally grew more relaxed.

Kerry was grateful for the turnout and thanked everyone for coming. He even joked to Wednesday to make sure she kept Annie busy, as this would be the first time she attended a regular class without him. But there were two students in particular with whom he needed to speak, and twenty minutes after everyone arrived he finally looked in Wednesday’s direction. “If you guys don’t mind, I need to speak with Nadine and Rivânia.”

Wednesday had a pretty good idea why Kerry wanted to speak with the two racing team captains and she gave him a slight nod. “Okay, everyone. Let’s give them the room.” She turned to the two older girls. “Just head on over the class when you’re done.”

Rivânia nodded. “This shouldn’t take too long, Wednesday.”

As soon as the others were gone Annie got up and closed the privacy curtain, locking it in place. “We can talk.”


As both Nadine and Rivânia are racing team captains, one could draw the conclusion that Kerry wants to speak to them about a racing matter.  And if we recall, our racing matter is what got Kerry into this hospital bed–in an indirect way, of course, but if it hadn’t been for something that had occurred on the track earlier, Kerry would be here now.

In this meeting can mean only one thing…

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