Deal and Dealing

Greetings this afternoon from Ohio, where I am cranking out this post.


See? I’m in Ohio. Really.

And the reason I was back in Indiana was because my daughter graduated from high school yesterday, which also happened to be her 18th birthday.

She doesn’t get the exposure she deserves.

She’ll work over the summer before heading off to Indiana University Bloomington, where she’s going to major in epidemiology, which happens to be the study of infectious viruses and how they spread.  Needless to say, I expect her to save us all from the zombie apocalypse at some point in the future, because that’s the sort of girl she is.

This doesn’t mean she’ll help witches as she isn’t one herself, but you never know…

Back to Kerry and the others in the hospital, and the question is on the table:  what’s gonna happen to Lisa if she starts shit?  And the answer is…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Rivânia shrugged. “I’ve let her know we’re going to park her for at least one race; Deanna wants to do two, maybe even three. If she doesn’t straighten up after that, the next option is to either put her on probation for the season or just send her down to the B Team and keep her there for a year.”

Annie was well aware of how racing protocol demanded that the flier be given every opportunity to atone for their mistakes while paying their penalty—that she was also aware that some racers weren’t too keen on learning and that they needed more of a stick than a carrot to continue competing at the same level as those that have wronged.

Nadine was right in saying that while it took most of a race season for Emma to realize how wrong she’d acted on the course, she finally realized her mistakes and, in a sense, took the lead to punish herself. And while it might have taken Kerry and she to finally convince Emma to see the error of her ways, she was smart enough to know she was wrong and needed to fix things.

And Lisa was not nearly as smart as Emma…

Kerry stared off into space for a few seconds before raising his right arm and giving a dismissive wave. “Whatever. I’ll deal with her crap if it comes my way.”

Annie took his hand and she is one between hers. “As it should be, my love.”


All sorts of options are open and it sounds like she may not be a A Team member much longer if she keeps up her shit.  Not matter what the outcome, Kerry doesn’t seem to give a shit:  if she comes at him, he’ll deal with it, which is something of which Annie approves.  This could be a new Kerry talking, or it could be a hormone comedown, but either way:  what happens happens and he’ll deal with biz then.

Speaking of biz…  It seems Kerry made a hit during his judgement match:


“At least you won’t have to worry about Franky calling you out again.” Natalie leaned up against the bed next to Rivânia and chuckled. “That was some pretty wicked shit you pulled on him.”

“When you know Kali you don’t need magic to hurt your opponent.” Kerry glanced over at Annie and smiled before turning his gaze to his other two racer friends. “Annie and I discussed a couple of strategies before we got out to the Manor. I wasn’t exactly what I had planned to do: it was kind of a Plan B sort of thing.”

Nadine nodded. “What did you want to do?”

“I wanted to go over there and just slap him around a little bit, but I couldn’t do that with a broken arm.” Kerry stared up at the ceiling as he took a deep breath. “As I was getting ready to fight him I considered creating an Electrify-effect sword so I could go over and chop off his arm.”

“Of which I am deliriously happy you didn’t do.” Coraline threw back the privacy curtain and entered the bay. “Otherwise I’d have needed to send him to New York to get it reattached, after which she’d come back here for therapy. Given the pissing and moaning he’s been doing since we admitted him, I can imagine how he’d have acted after getting his arm reattached.”


So there you have it.  One, you don’t need magic if you know a martial art form that’s designed to kill people with ease.  And two:  Kerry nearly made a light saber so he could run over and cut off Franky’s arm!  You know, if that shit works for Obi-wan Kenobi, it’s gonna work for Kerry.

“Imagine you’re in a bar, Franky…”

The kicker is Coraline lets everyone know that Franky is a bit of a pain in the ass patient–but you won’t find out just how much of one until tomorrow, for it’s 3 PM and I need to get heading eastward.

See you tomorrow.