Rest and Recuperation

Well, after twelve hours on the road I’m finally back in The Burg.  The trip had it good moments and its bad, and there’s the possibility I’ll need to go back again in a few months, but I won’t know that until tomorrow.

Anyway, it was a fairly good time coming across country–

–and tomorrow I get back into the grind, though today is gonna be busy as hell.  Trust me on that.

We’re down to the end of Kerry’s time with Annie and their friends, and with Coraline on the scene they get to hear the dirt on the other patient:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Annie got up and moved out of Coraline’s way in case she wanted to use the equipment over Kerry’s bed. “I take it he’s not being a model patient?”

The school’s doctor glanced around the bay. “All four of you have been in here at one time or another with various broken bones and limbs, and all of you together have not been as much of a pain in the ass is that kid.” She activated the monitor so she could check Kerry’s vitals. “He has done nothing but bitch about his pain. Even after giving him both a general and a local nerve block on his shoulder, he was still complaining that he could feel pain.”

Kerry rolled his eyes. “Oh, man. Seriously?”

Coraline nodded. “I finally gave him something that pretty much put him into a stupor.” She looked down at her patient. “I realize it’s been a couple of occasions when you come in here all busted up while you were unconscious, but you were never a complainer after you woke up.”

“Mostly because I was numb.” Kerry resisted the urge to shake his head, which he couldn’t do because it was immobilize. “I mean, how can you feel pain through a nerve block? That’s impossible.”

“Because some people have too active an imagination.” Coraline snapped off the monitoring display. “You’re healing up nicely. Chances are good I’ll have you out here by nine tomorrow, though I’m letting you know now I may keep bandages on your burned areas. Just to be safe, you know?” She gave him a wink. “I’m going to want to check up on you Saturday morning to see how those burned areas are doing. If they look a little tender—”

Kerry knew where this was headed. “You won’t let me race this weekend.”


You knew Franky would be a whiny little shit when it came to dealing with a broken limb.  His mouth wrote a check his ass couldn’t cash and now he’s paying for that hubris.  Which means his girlfriend will likely try to avenge him, which could turn out bad for her.  Kerry will deal with her, so keep your fingers crossed.

Now, about those burns…  Yeah, Coraline might ground him for that.  Because?


“I can’t run the risk of you getting an infection.” Coraline sighed as she slipped her hands into her smock pockets. “Even using magic burns can have a lingering effect on tissue and it’s not all that unusual for a mild infection to pop up not long after the original treatment.” She patted Kerry on his right shoulder. “Look at it this way: at least you’d be able to dance that night. That’s better than getting an irritation from your race uniform and having to spend the night here to keep it from becoming something worse.”

Kerry found he couldn’t argue with the choices Coraline was offering. “Point taken.”

Coraline turned on the girls in the bay. “As for you three…”

Annie turned to Nadine and Rivânia. “I believe someone is trying to tell us we need to get to class.”

Rivânia tapped Nadine on the arm. “Yeah, we need to go.” She turned Annie. “We’ll be in the waiting area.”

“I’ll be along momentarily.” Annie circled around Coraline and gave Kerry a quick kiss on the cheek. “I’ll be back after class, my love. Rest well.”

“Have a good time in class.” He blew a kiss at Annie as she hurried out of the bay. Finally alone with Coraline he looked up at her and smiled. “I promise: I’ll be a good patient. Just let me race Saturday, okay?”

Coraline smirked. “Hey, who’s the doctor here?” She chuckled as she headed out of the bay. “I’ll send Gretchen in with a menu so you can order dinner.”

Kerry watched Coraline walk away leaving him alone. He elevated the bed slightly, just enough so he could see into the corridor. He sighed and tried to get as comfortable as possible while wondering what he would do next as he was completely alone for the first time in a long time…


Despite all the bullshit from the day Kerry is in good spirits, even if he’s unable to be with Annie while he recuperates.  He’s worried that he might not race, but–you know he will, right?  How could he not given it’s gonna be a special day for Annie…

Speaking of Annie, next excerpt we get to see what happens when she returns from class.  Let’s hope it’s good.