Thanks Where Given

It’s Tuesday, which means last night was Monday and there was a recap to write and skating practice, both of which were completed.  Though I have to say the practice was a killer for me–at least at first.  I was supposed to do 30 laps for cardio, I did 11.  Not good.  But I got better as the night wore on–

–and I lived so I can do it again tonight.  And this time I’m taking my video camera with me so I can record my practice.  It’s likely I’ll talk all about it on Thursday.

Meanwhile, there’s still a couple we know hanging out in a hospital ward at a fictional school, all of this happening some three and a half years ago.  And with all that happening, Annie’s about to say the last thing you’d expect her to say…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“I wouldn’t worry about her, not now.” Annie sat up and levitated her robe off the nearby bed so she could throat around her shoulders. “As crazy as she has been at times due to her unnatural infatuation with you, in a way I should think Emma racing you that day.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because if you hadn’t raced her Vicky wouldn’t have had to chase you down, and you wouldn’t have wrecked after she ordered you to stop. If you hadn’t come to the hospital I wouldn’t of had reason to be angry with you that day, which means I wouldn’t of had a reason to come back that night to apologize and talk.” She ran her fingers over Kerry shoulder and tenderly across his chest. “And you wouldn’t have thought about what I actually mean to you. Which means you wouldn’t of realized you loved me and considered telling me that at Samhain.”


Like it or not, once hindsight takes place Annie is the first to realize that sometimes you are chosen by actions to go on and do great things later.  If Emma hadn’t gotten Kerry to race with her, of if he’d just blown her off, then a whole lot of things that happened in the aftermath of that accident might never have happened.  And one thing Annie points out is that Kerry might not have dedicated a dance to her, which had an incredibly powerful effect upon her, so much so she nearly swooned out on the dance floor.

“Unnatural infatuation” is a strange way for Annie to define the way Emma’s acted towards Kerry–others may say it’s more “unrequited love”–but this is Annie’s way of being nice and not just coning out and calling Emma a crazy bitch.  After all, this discussion is about Kerry and her, not Kerry and the Bitch From Boulder.  Keep the eye on the prize–

Kerry notices something about Annie’s last statement:


Kerry looked down as he sighed. “But I didn’t tell you at Samhain.”

“Which is good because if you had tried to tell me, it’s likely you would of been hit with so much déjà vu that you would’ve needed to come back to the hospital. Which means Coraline likely would’ve grounded you, so you wouldn’t of been able to do in Basic Flight on Monday.” Annie once more took Kerry’s hand and held it tight between hers. “And if you were grounded, you wouldn’t of been able to fly during the Day of the Dead attack. And who knows what would’ve happened if you weren’t in the field that day?”

“Who knows?” Kerry had often wondered what might’ve happened had he not accompanied Emma on patrol that day. He always believed that Emma probably would’ve went anyway and that she would’ve been paired up with an older flier, possibly Nadine. It’s likely she wouldn’t have come close to death twice—but would Nadine have acted differently because she would’ve been put in a position of having to keep an eye on her coven mate? And would additional harm have come to her because of that action?

He was fairly certain, however, that without his intervention Professor Palmescoff would have likely died, possibly along with Professor Kishna. Because he wouldn’t of been in the position to try and get back to safety, which means Emma wouldn’t of been attacked by an Abomination that he needed to fight and run from. He wouldn’t have needed rescuing, which means he wouldn’t have had a need to be in Selena’s Meadow…

No matter how he played it over in his head, the results were always the same: two instructors would’ve died and it was impossible to say what would’ve happened to two students, one of whom for certain would’ve been in the field that day.


It’s a strange thing to know that a simple action likely resulted, weeks later, in saving the lives of one, maybe two instructors, as well as leading the way for one to find their true love–a “soul mate”, if you will.

But it did a lot for Kerry’s character as well and that’s something Annie is gonna touch on tomorrow…