Morning, Salem: The Call

It’s no surprise that after four consecutive days of derby stuff, I am sore.  Yes, last night I was at an event where we were sponsoring the team, so spent 2 1/2 hours on my feet standing in the middle of a crowd passing out flyers.  Reason for this?  It’s a requirement of the league that every three months team members must participate in social events.  Boy, we sure have a lot of rules for sport that some people think is made up.

But it was an interesting evening.  For one, I was informed that starting next week someone’s going to help me learn how to skate backwards.  The reason this particular woman was picked is because she, too, doesn’t use her hips went skating backwards–just like me.  And, I was also told by the person with whom I was helping last night, that I am on the team.  I’m just not a certified member of the team, but I am a team member.  Yay!

There is a downside to all this, however.  I discovered late Wednesday night–and confirmed Thursday morning–that I had a slight groin pull.  I never noticed how bad those things were until I tried lifting my left leg.  Walking is okay; lifting your leg or trying to cross your leg is nearly impossible without help.  So a couple of times last night were spent in front of the TV with an ice pack in my groin trying to repair the damage.  It’s better today, but still: I best get prepared for this.

All of this skating activity means it’s cut into my writing activity.  That should alleviate as I only have two practices next week, so I get back to something like a normal life.  It just so happens that this week was kind of the Week From Hell for Derby.  And I shouldn’t have to deal with this level of strain anytime soon.

Some looking forward to laying down some words when I get home tonight.  Not only do I need to catch up on the novel, but I need to catch up on my TV recaps.  And then Sunday night I’m going out with a group of women from the team to see Wonder Woman in 3D.  Because what better movie for an all-female team to go see then this?

Since this is the start of Chapter Fourteen, it means were into new territory:

It’s getting going the right way.

in that new territory is Samhain.  It’s not actually Samhain, for that doesn’t start until what is normally known as Halloween.  But because of where Halloween is ending this year–2013–the races, the dance, all the celebrations are being held the weekend before.  This is really about the earliest the school’s Samhain celebrations are held and starting next year they’ll inch closer to the end of the month.

There’s a lot about to go on–

in all of it starts with a certain Ginger Hair Boy laying in bed…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Kerry lay in the darkness of his room relax yet thinking about the day ahead. It was the day the school celebrated Samhain, coming almost a week ahead the first day of November because it was school tradition to have the dance fall either before or on the last Saturday of October. While his thoughts strayed now and then poured the dance—and to the costumes that Annie and he were going to wear that evening—is real concerned with the races he would participate in that afternoon.

He knew something would happen that afternoon: he knew there would be a confrontation out on the course. He didn’t know when or where it would happen, but he was certain Lisa would come after him. It wasn’t going to let it affect the way he would race, nor would he let it hinder him. As he told Annie during last night’s Midnight Madness, knowing in the back of his head that Lisa was going to target him would make him race that much faster with that much more care of who was around him at all times.

He decided last night that he wouldn’t worry about Lisa coming after him and he would raise his own race—assuming, of course, that Coraline cleared him for racing when he’d see her after breakfast. He was certain she would as his burns were completely healed by Thursday evening, and he felt no issues with the aftermath of his healing. He expected everything to go smoothly—

Kerry’s tablet began beeping indicating that someone was trying to connect with him either through a live chat or Skype. Since he used his tablet to tie into the schools network, it was conceivable that a student or instructor was attempting contact. This didn’t happen often, though just as recently as a week ago Erywin spoke with him for about ten minutes to see how he was feeling.

He sat up as he rubbed his eyes. “Lights up medium.” This early in the morning he thought it might be any calling simply to offer a few words of encouragement before beginning what was going to become a very busy day. He crawled out from under the covers and sat on the edge of the bed where he controlled his tablet through voice command. “Answer call.”

His computer came out of sleep mode with Skype up and running. The person on the other end of the connection offered up a faint smile once they saw they were life. “Good morning, Kerry.”

Kerry nearly did a double take when he recognized his caller. “Mom.” He closed his eyes for a moment and looked down, hoping he hadn’t appeared too surprised.


Hi, Mom!  Boy, it sure is nice of Louise to call her son two months after she snuck out of the house without saying goodbye.  And you know at some point this is going to get mentioned.  Maybe not tomorrow, but you are going to see it in an excerpt.

And that won’t be all you see–