Morning, Salem: The News

Well, all my running around yesterday was completed–more or less.  I went looking for a workout gear and became supremely frustrated trying to find sports bras. Most I could not get on and I nearly destroyed one trying to get it off.  I bought one that I can almost get completely on, and I think after I’ve worn it a couple of times and will stretch out someone nicely.  I took the advice of several people and bought a few 3XL size sports bras online and I’ll try them on when they arrive, sending back the ones that don’t fit.

I also stocked up on Icy Hot and ibuprofen.  Why am I doing this?

Thanks, Kumomon.


But hey, there was writing!  May not seem like a lot, but I finished the first scene of Chapter Fourteen.  Do you need proof?

Here it is.


Now, we know that in first excerpt from the scene Kerry was getting a call from his mom.  You know, one half of his parents who didn’t say goodbye to him when he left for school two months earlier?  Well, now they’re calling. Is there reason for this?  Let’s find out:


The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“I hope I didn’t wake you.” Louise Malibey kept her face passive, attempting to appear concerned. “You did mention that you tend to get up early, even during the weekends.”

He nodded. “You didn’t wake me. I was just laying in bed getting ready to start the day.” He put on his slippers. “What’s up?”

Louise once more gave her son a slight smile. “I just wanted to see how you were doing, how things are going for you at school.”

Kerry resisted the urge to laugh. “School’s going well. I’m keeping up with my classes, learning new spells.” He scratched his right eyebrow as he shrugged. “You know: normal witch stuff.”

“I see.” For a moment Louise appeared a bit uncomfortable before her composure returned. “Well, that is the reason you are there, so it makes complete sense.”

Kerry was fully aware his mother wasn’t calling to check on his progress: there was something else on her mind. “So what’s going on with dad and you?”


This is one of those moments when Kerry’s Spidey Senses click in the high gear because he knows his mom–and right now she’s not acting like his mom.  Like it or not, he’s fairly aware that something shady’s going on and he wants to know what.

And wouldn’t you know it?  Louise is ready to spill–


Seeing that her son wasn’t interested in small talk, Louise decided to get to the reason for her call. “Your father and I are going to Australia over Christmas and New Year. We’re going to leave on the seventeenth, about a week before Christmas, and return to Cardiff on the seventh of January.”

“The BBC is actually letting dad get away for the holidays?” As a manager in the sound effects department, Kerry’s father often found himself busy with projects all through the holidays.

“He was assured that this year it wouldn’t be a problem delegating someone else to oversee the last-minute production schedule.” Louise started to smile once more, then gave up halfway through.

“So… Australia.” Kerry nodded appreciatively. “That’s pretty sweet. What’s the itinerary?”

“Oh, the usual. Fly into Sydney, stay there a few days; visit Brisbane and Melbourne; visit Perth, though we haven’t decided on that one yet.” Louise glanced to her right for just a moment: Kerry figured she was looking out the window overlooking the front of the house from the guest bedroom she used as an office. “We’re also planning on spending a few days in New Zealand, though we intend on being in Sydney for the New Year’s fireworks.”


Hey, that all sounds pretty sweet, Kerry.  Well, you know what to do–


“All right, then. So, where you want me to meet up with you? It shouldn’t be an issue jaunting into Australia, I just need to know where to go after I get there.”

There was a pregnant pause as Louise appeared, for the moment, to be lost in thought. When she finally spoke again, it was in a low, soft voice. “Kerry, only your father and I are going.”

Kerry stared at the monitor for a few moments before finding the capacity to speak. “Oh, I see.”


Annnnnnnd just like that your mom screws you.  Family vacation, only without one of the members of the family–and guess which one?

So Mother of the Year has some news for Kerry, but it’s not good news.  However, if you think the pain is over–

You ain’t seen nothing yet.