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Morning, Salem: The Other News

Yesterday was pretty sweet.  Not only did I end up writing about eight hundred words total, but I had a long lunch with a friend where a couple of pints of beer were consumed–and I’m discovering I don’t handle beer as well as I once did–and then I went to the movies with a few members of my derby team, where we saw a flick about a woman who was, I don’t know, a wonder?  That flick was most wonderful in of itself and I recommended it again and again to people to see.  I also expect to see some pumped up women at practice tonight–

Also yesterday we saw Mother of the Year give her one and only son a call to let him know they’re going Down Under for holiday and he’s not invited.  And she has a good reason for this, too:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Louise obviously saw the disappointment etched on her son’s face and came back with a ready explanation. “Your father and I have not been on a vacation together, a real one, since before you were born. Between work and needing to take care of you, we’ve been unable to get away and enjoy ourselves.” Her face softened. “I do hope you understand.”

Though crestfallen and not having the opportunity to spend Yule in Australia, in a way he did understand. “Yeah, I do.” He looked away for just a moment before turning back to his computer. “So, you want me to go stay with grandma and grandpa instead?”

Louise looked down as she cleared her throat. “Your grandparents are going on a cruise over Christmas and New Year’s.”


“Yes. They’re leaving San Francisco on the fourteenth of December and won’t return until the fourth of January. I believe there cruising all the way down to Panama City before coming back.”


So, his Yule fall-back, staying with the grandparents, just went up in smoke as well.  Now, most of us know Louise is something of a bitch, but this could just be a coincidence, right?


For a moment Kerry felt like letting the matter go before suddenly deciding there were a few things he needed to know. “When did they book this cruise?”

Though Louise’s tone remained comforting, the smile had begun to fade from her face. “Oh, they booked this back at the end of June.”

“They booked this four months ago?” Unlike his mother, Kerry was having difficulty keeping the disbelief out of his voice. “And you’re just now telling me?”

“There wasn’t any need to tell you, Kerry. At the time they booked it we didn’t know that this might be an issue for your holiday plans. So we—”

Kerry had finally reached the point where he couldn’t put up with any more of his mother’s obfuscation. “When did you book your trip, Mom?”


Can you smell what The Mom is cookin’?  Yeah, it smells like bullshit, and Kerry’s finally calling her on it.  Needless to say, Louise is starting to weasel…


A warning tone that Kerry knew intimately crept in to Louise’s voice. “I don’t see that that’s important.”

“I think it is.”

“Well, I don’t and if—”

“Mom, I can ask one person to find out when you booked the trip and I’ll know before lunch. It’s up to you whether you want to tell me or not, but I’ll know one way or the other in the next couple of hours.” He shrugged. “Your call.”


Damn these witches and their connections into just about everything in our Normal society!  I’ve said before that The Foundation is sort of like the Illuminati with Magic, and since there’s a booking record out there with a Malibey name on, they could find it for Kerry.  He wouldn’t even have to ask Ms. Rutherford:  he could probably go see Trevor Parkman and ask him to look it up.

Even Mommy Dearest is smart enough to know when she’s cornered–


For a moment Louise looked as if she might not answer before giving her own sigh and replying in a soft tone. “We booked it September sixth.”

Kerry stared back at his mother in disbelief for a few seconds before looking down as he shook his head. “I’m back in school like, a week, and Dad and you are booking a trip to Australia?”

Louise gave an exasperated sigh. “Kerry, it’s not like that. It’s—”

“It’s not what, Mom? I mean, you can tell me.” He smirked as he looked upward towards a computer screen. “Unless, of course, you want to duck out on answering, just like you did when I left for Paris.”


A couple of weeks after Kerry was out the door and back to school, Mom and Dad decided there was an overwhelming need to go see some kangaroos and booked a trip for a land Down Under.  And almost two months later they decide to tell their son that not only are they going without him, but his grandparents are gone as well.  Oops, sorry!  I guess it sucks to be you, kiddo!

Since Kerry just threw down the gauntlet concerning being a shitty parent, you can expect things to get really real tomorrow…


16 thoughts on “Morning, Salem: The Other News

  1. Eh. Kerry, don’t be sad that your parents have ditched you. Make it an opportunity to spend a long holiday with your wife. She’s been inviting you, anyway, and your parents ditching you is a tacit permission to go for it.

      • She’s been acting like she’s the wife , anyways. Nothing new there. What I’d like to know is…… would her parents act like Kerry was their son-in-law ? He he

          • It’s 1 1/2 house then ? That’s the Lake House , right ? She can see the groundfloor living room from her bedroom upstairs.

            I notice though that their main house has a lot of walls. and doors. It’s not an open design.

          • No, the main house is a regular house. At one time it was just the ground floor, a finished basement, and a smaller first floor. They expanded the first floor when Annie turned seven.

            She can see the lake house from her sitting room.

          • I was referring to the Lake House. I now think the Lake House looks like a regular house with a tall roof, but inside , it’s 1 1/2 , but the 1/2, Annie’s bedroom is more like a mezzanine, and she can look down at the living room downstairs.

          • She’s forcing the fulfillment of her vision. It can still happen even if Kerry sleeps there, ALONE. The vision is about having their first time there, TOGETHER isn’t it ? Letting Kerry stay at the Lake House is not forcing the issue.

          • Deanna’s warning about this really got stuck in my head……. that they have to go with the flow, and not do anything or do something with the fulfillment of their vision as their endgame. However, it seems even the vision ever happening is not guaranteed, right ? I do believe it will happen , no matter what . And there’s this 3 rules, ( what’s the name again ) that makes going -with- the- flow thing moot and academic. In Paris, they really wanted to do it, but these 3 Rules cockblocked, and I assume, nothing will happen before they get married.

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