Morning, Salem: The End

I hate to say this, but I think I have a summer cold coming on.  The back of the throat has been scratchy all day and I’m feeling a bit washed out, though that could have a lot to do with not getting much sleep this week.  Either way, I need to knock this out in a couple of days because I don’t want to end up sick this weekend.

Today is the end of scene one of Chapter Fourteen and it’s a short excerpt.  There’s a reason for this which I’ll get to when it’s over.  In the meantime, eat it up!


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Though it was meant to be a lighthearted jab, Louise took her son’s comment in a completely different way. “No, I haven’t. And that’s the way I want to keep it.” Her eyes narrowed. “I don’t appreciate that sort of humor.”

“Okay, Mom.” Kerry had come within a moment of apologizing when he recognize that his mother wanted him to do that. “So now that we’ve established you’re going away for the holidays because you don’t want to be around me, what’s going to happen at the end of school next year?”

“We haven’t decided.” Louise spent a few seconds staring at the screen, her face impassive. “When we get back from Australia we’ll talk.”

Hearing his mother’s simple dismissal begin changing Kerry’s mood. He concealed his feelings as he shrugged. “Whatever, Mom. We’ll talk about it when you get back.”

Louise gave one curt nod. “We will, indeed. Have a good day.” She terminated Skype on her end and Kerry’s computer minimize the program, once more revealing wallpaper of Annie and he at their favorite Salem Starbucks.

Kerry quickly levitated the container of pills Coraline gave him Wednesday and snatched them out of the air a second later. He had intended to take one later in the morning, but at the moment he felt as if he was about to be consumed by an enormous panic attack and he wanted to stop it before he dissolved into a crying mess. He dry swallowed a tablet, closed the container, and tossed it on his desk as he fell back on to his bed.

He stared up at the ceiling of his room for nearly a minute before his eyes shifted to the drawing of Annie’s Lake House, which he kept over the head of his bed. In the next few minutes he’d have to get up and get ready for the day, and it was likely that within the next thirty minutes he would have to tell his soul mate of his morning call.

Suddenly he was not looking forward to a day he had anticipated for most of the month…


Kerry’s mom didn’t die–yet.  Doesn’t mean she won’t, but for now she’s alive and kicking and ready to head Down Under in a couple of months.  Kerry’s like, “Whatever, later,” but you know it’s killing him because of his abandonment issues.  So even if he is just blowing it off, deep down inside it’s hurting hard.

I’m about eleven hundred words into my next scene, but due to my schedule over the next five days, it’s likely I won’t get another excerpt out until maybe Monday or Tuesday of next week, though it could possibly happen Sunday.  Tonight I have a lot of writing to do, with the same being said for Thursday and Friday.  I know what I’ll write about tomorrow, though Friday is a bit up in the air.  Saturday is video day and Sunday–  I’ll be in Youngstown, OH, Sunday morning and internet coverage is iffy, but even if I get something out it might be nothing more than a quick video.  We’ll see.  I’m notoriously bad for saying what I’m gong to do on the blog as opposed to actually doing shit on the blog.

But you know that.

The only thing I can guarantee for the immediately future is that I’ll be traveling most of the weekend.  And I’ll come back with pictures.  And video.

It’ll be fun.