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Readjusting the Curve

I will admit that my ideas are not always the best.  Allow me to explain:

We have reached the point in the current novel where it’s become known that Kerry’s parents are heading off to Australia and New Zealand for the Christmas holiday.  As it turns out Kerry’s grandparents are going to be on a cruise from San Fran to Panama City and back, so this leaves Kerry in the position of being abandoned by his folks, who are more or less telling him to go pound sand.  Knowing Kerry’s issues with abandonment the odds are good he’s not gonna handle this situation well even if he looks tough on the outside.  Because this is how Kerry is and he’s not changing anytime soon.

But what does this do for his holiday plans?

Leave it to renxkyoko to come up with the most obvious plan:  have Annie ask her parents if Kerry can comes to Pamporovo and spend the holidays with the Family Kirilovi.  Though the parents are not yet aware–at least they don’t know everything that’s happened to these two in the last couple of years–he is the future son-in-law, so maybe getting him used to being around Annie’s folks is a good idea.

And it is a good idea–

Only…  it wasn’t my original idea.

Oh, if you haven’t figured it out:


See, this part of the novel was figured out years ago and I was sticking with that plan.  What I had plotted out was that Kerry was going to fall on his sword and decide to stay at school, even though it bothered Annie a great deal to leave him behind.  Sure, Kerry fixes things up with getting her a computer so they can Skype, but still:  Annie goes home and Kerry stays behind ’cause he wants her to spend time with her parents and not make being there awkward for everyone.

Now, this isn’t that big of a deal–except for one thing.  Writing about Kerry being left behind at school requires haven’t a whole chapter that’s almost all Kerry, all the time, and after a while I found that to be a bit untenable.  Yes, Kerry is getting his own chapters, but Annie’s getting one as well, so that’s nicely balanced.

But Kerry at school alone sort of bothered me.  And as time went by it bothered me even more.

So when the suggestion came that Kerry should go stay with Annie I started thinking about the possibility.  And since you probably do know me, you’re aware that I spent a few days running ideas and scenarios around my head to see what happened.  And the most thought I gave the matter, the more I came to the conclusion:

Kerry should go spend the holidays with Annie and her parents.

The simple fact is this is their story.  And, as possible, that should happen together.  And how will they handle being under the watchful eye of Mama and Papa?  What sort of shenanigans can they get up to?  What sort of public fun will they encounter?  Let’s remember, Kerry’s never seen Annie in her natural environment, so is he gonna see a completely different person than the one he knows and loves?  Just imagine the first time Kerry has to wait in her sitting room for her to come out of her bedroom.  Will he consider it natural?  Or will he think it’s a little too much for this particular rich girl?

There you go:  I adjusted by curve and changed the story.

And, I believe, it’s gonna make it a better novel.

It will certainly make it a better holiday for two kids I know–

8 thoughts on “Readjusting the Curve

  1. You should give them some fun before the coming hellish events they will experience. You did say it was going to be hell.

    Kerry’s parents know he’s going to spend the holidays with the girlfriend. So, his mother ‘s not gonna bitch about that.

    I’m 100 % sure Annie’s Mom will agree wholeheartedly ( a mother’s nurturing instinct )……… there’s a bit of a problem with the Dad….. I’m sure he’ll agree less wholeheartedly. For some reason, it’s always the father who’s protective of a daughter’s virtue. But I have a feeling he knows Kerry wil not do anything that will break the trust….. ( he should be more concerned with his own daughter, he he he ……after all, they know it ‘s Annie who sought out Kerry, and not the other way around. ) It’s also an opportunity for Annie’s parents to know their FSIL, especially what Kerrry’s plans are for the future.

    It will be fun to see Kerry getting awkward, and to hear Annie’s ” Dad ! ! ! “

    • Actually, no: they won’t know he’s staying with her. They said they wouldn’t get back in touch with Kerry until after the first of the year.

      Oh, I can already envision the interaction between Kerry and Victor. You know flying and racing will bring them together.

      Yeah, that Annie is the more aggressive of the two, so they need to keep an eye on her. 🙂

      • “Actually, no: they won’t know he’s staying with her. They said they wouldn’t get back in touch with Kerry until after the first of the year.”

        The parents know Annie and Kerry have been in a relationship more than 2 years now…. there’s no way his mother has not thought of that. If not, that’s even worse.

        I’d like to think that his mother has thought of Kerry being taken cared of by the girlfriend, and hence will not be alone …… but of course she can’t say that to Kerry.

        “Yeah, that Annie is the more aggressive of the two, so they need to keep an eye on her.”

        I bet her Dad’s also thinking, ” Poor boy…. you don’t know what you’re getting into. Good luck. “

        • Louise is in a state of denial that her son is growing up and has a girlfriend–a witch girlfriend, if everything pans out. That’s not a good combo.

          I think Victor is gonna think more along the lines of “He better not do anything I may have done at his age.” 🙂

          • Once he gets to know Kerry better, he’ll think along this line…. ” Good luck Kerry. Bwahahahaha .”

            Oh, it’s like I’m in denial that THAT man is the POTUS….

            I am not sure that Louise is so completely heartless and uncaring that she has not thought of Kerry’s welfare , even for just a bit.

          • If that’s the case, his mother is an idiot, and Kerry’s better off without her presence. Not to forget the Dad who is a zombie.

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