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News and Views: Getting More Than a Checkup

Guess what? I’m back!

Yeah, for the last few days I’ve taken some time away from the novel writing thing simply because of been too busy with things not related to novel writing. Which means I haven’t been putting out any excerpts from my novel. So is probably a welcome change from all my traveling exploits to get back into the swing of things with Annie and Kerry.

And what are those lovable scamps up to right now?

Well, if you remember, Kerry’s mom Skyped them early in the morning and tore his heart out.  Not literally, but we know how he handles rejection and abandonment, which means he’s not feeling is best at the moment.

Not only that, but first thing in the morning it was necessary for him to go and get checked out by Doctor Gallagher so that he could be cleared for racing that afternoon.  And wouldn’t you know it: that’s where we’re at right now–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Coraline glanced up at the monitor over the bed before turning back to give Kerry’s left shoulder, arm, and hand a final examination. “This has all healed up rather nicely.” She stripped off her rubber gloves and stuffed them into the pocket of her smock. “It’s safe to say you’re free from the possibility of secondary infection.”

Kerry glanced up to his left. “Does that mean I’m cleared to race this afternoon?”

“Absolutely means you’re cleared to race this afternoon.” Coraline gave him a questioning look. “How’s your medication holding up?”

There was no need to ask about the medication to which Coraline was referring. “I’m good through the weekend.”

“Then come see me tomorrow night and I’ll get you stocked up for the week.” Coraline glanced over at Annie, who sat on Bed #1 staring intently at Kerry, who was sitting across from her. “You can give Kerry his shirt so he can dress; I’ll step outside.” She moved out into the ward hallway and pulled the privacy curtain closed.

Annie levitated the shirt over to Kerry, never saying a word the entire time. He slipped on the shirt and regarded his soul mate for a few moments before speaking. “You haven’t said a word since I told you; please tell me what you’re thinking.”


You know when you’re getting the Silent Annie Treatment, nothing good is going to come up it.  So what is on Annie’s mind?


There was an uncomfortable few seconds of silence before Annie’s nostrils flared and she spoke in a low voice that was on the verge of trembling. “If your mother was here right now, I’m not certain I could control my actions.”

“Yeah.” Kerry looked down as he sighed. “I figured that.”


This is something that Louise is not learned yet, that pissing off her future daughter-in-law is not a good idea.  It’s one thing for your girlfriend to say she’s angry: it’s another thing for her to say that she is not certain she could control her actions around your mother.  And when one of those actions involves lighting Mom up like a Christmas tree with an Electrify attack, Louise Malibey is setting herself up for some real fun in the future.

And this allows Kerry to reveal a little bit more information about what it’s like living with Mommy Dearest:


Annie drew in a deep breath before continuing. “Your mother called this morning to tell you they want nothing to do with you this holiday. How could she do that?”

“You’d have to know my mother.”

“And why did she call so early in the morning?”

“Because Mom is a button pusher and she probably thought that if she woke me up early in the morning, I’d have all day to stew on this—which is what she really wants me to do.”

“What do you mean? Why would she want this to bother you throughout the day?”

Kerry let out several sighs before giving his thoughts. “My guess is that she wants me to be all upset today because it’s a big day and she knows I have a lot planned—”

Annie appeared puzzled. “How would she know that?”

“I sent them an email at the beginning of the month inviting them here for the races.”

“You said you weren’t going to say anything to them.”

“Yeah, well, I lied. I figured they weren’t going to come anyway so no harm. That’s how they know how important today is to me—to us.”

“I see.” Annie quickly raised and lowered her right eyebrow. “Continue with what you were saying before.”


Louise Malibey is a manipulative individual. We know she’s a bit of a button pusher and she’s got Kerry’s buttons mapped out pretty well.  And here we learn that she likely called early in the morning so she could guilt trip her son’s ass into begging them to allow him to somehow join them on their trip. I mean, they already know he doesn’t need to pay for airfare, and it would be an easy accommodation to have him join them on their holiday.

But it’s somewhat apparent that while Kerry may be upset, he’s not about to start begging.  He’s read his mom’s actions and he knows with what he is now dealing.  The question remains, however: will Kerry get through the day unscathed?  Is what happened this morning going to affect him later?

And most importantly, is Annie just going outright kill Louise the first time she meets her?

Well, we’re not gonna find out in this novel…

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