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News and Views: How This Works

A return to practice last night and…  man, I am sore today.  I wasn’t feeling that bad when I got home, but it all snuck up on me while I was sleeping and this morning I was moving around like I was 100 years old.  I’m better now, but damn:  that soreness is a killer.  Maybe I’ll grab some Epsom salts tonight and try that after practice.

Yesterday we saw Kerry figure out that Moma Malibey had a reason for calling him early in the morning.  Now he gets around to telling Annie why:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Knowing Mom, she decided to contact me first thing this morning and tell me this BS ‘cause she knew I’d obsess over it most of the day. Knowing the way she thinks, she probably figured I’d call them back before they went to bed tonight begging to come back for the holidays.”

Based on what Kerry had told her in the past, Annie knew Louise Malibey to be an emotional manipulator and Kerry’s explanation of what she was likely thinking fit her profile—which did nothing to improve Annie’s opinion of the woman. “And if you were to beg to come back for the holidays, it would be on her terms.”

Kerry nodded. “Exactly.”

Now that she likely knew the reason for Kerry’s mom to call when she did, Annie wanted to know more on another but similar issue. “What are you going to do for the holidays now that you can’t go to your grandparents?”

He shrugged. “I sent an email to Professor Semplen letting him know I needed a place to stay. I figure he’ll throw my name in the pot and see who wants me.” Annie knew just as Kerry that no one was allowed to stay at the school during Yule holiday, so the administration worked to find families to take in those few individuals who had nowhere to go. Requesting a place to stay was known as “putting you name in the pot,” after which it was pulled and matched with someone willing to have a student for a couple of weeks.

Annie slid to the floor but remained leaning against the bed. “Did you ask Erywin if you could stay with Helena and her?”

“I did. She told me that Helena and she are going to New Zealand to spend time with Helena’s parents. She said they’re leaving the day after school lets out.”


Unlike another famous magical school that is also fictional to my students, Salem doesn’t believe in leaving kids there for the Yule holiday.  If you can’t go home, they’d find a home for you to go.  Kerry’s already asked Erywin if he could stay with Helena and her, but they have other plans, unfortunately.  That means Kerry will likely get placed with another family–

Unless there’s another solution and Annie thinks of immediately:


“I see.” Given that there weren’t many options, Annie had one of her own. “You could stay with me.”

Kerry shook his head. “No.”

“What?” She was shocked to hear him respond this way. “No? What do you mean?”

“I mean I don’t want to come and stay with you.”

“Why not?”

“Because Yule is for you to spend time with your family, not take care of me.”

Annie looked down at the floor and responded in a soft voice. “You are my family as well.”

It took a moment for Kerry to realize that he’d hurt Annie’s feeling with his comment. He slid off his bed and moved closer so he could take her in his arms. “I’m sorry, Sweetie. I didn’t mean it that way.”


Well, what way did you mean it, Kerry?  Because after all this time Captain Clueless still strikes once in a while and this time he did something really dumb.  The question becomes, however, can he recover from this faux pas.  Or will this become something that Annie reminds him of for like the next, oh, 50 years or so.

We may find out tomorrow…

18 thoughts on “News and Views: How This Works

  1. Awww! No Kerry. Wrong answer. At least, wrong way to answer it. You should have led with your explanation rather than just outright saying no. OK. I apparently need help. I’m commenting on your blog as if talking straight to Kerry…

  2. He really said something dumb. He had already been invited once, and even if he said no then, it was understandable. But saying no this time when he knows he’ll be placed in some other’s home ( and disturb or upset other people’s holidays as well ) makes him a complete jerk to Annie , in my opinion. What’s the logic of being so concerned about Annie’s holiday plans with his parents when he’s going to do just that with some other family, anyways. He’d rather impose on other people, when he’s got a girlfriend who’s very willing to take him ?

    If I were Annie, I’d also say ” do what you want…. and don’t talk to me again, ever. ”

    Ut’d be interesting to see how Kerry would react to that. You wanna be a martyr ? Go ahead, Kerry.

  3. I’m really upset at Kerry. His behavior reminds me again how he acted when Emma completely and intentionally ignored Annie while she was having a conversation with Kerry, exchanging email addresses and all.

    Maybe he really is hoping he’ll be placed in Emma’s family. Guess he wants to be his flying buddy.

    Sheesh. I hope there’ll be a senior guy at one point, if you know what I mean.

    Annie, I think it’s time to break Kerry’s confidence that you’re permanently stuck with him, no matter what. Make him think that vision is not 100% percent.

    Freakin’ idiot.

      • There are only a few students most likely to be chosen. Alex and Penny and their boyfriends, Nadine, and maybe one or two more, and yes, Emma…. who’s his flying buddy. Can he choose with whom he’s going to stay ? I don’t know. He’d rather risk to be with ” strangers” who may or may not want to host him. He doesn’t make sense. Any sensible person would jump at the chance to be with the one he or she loves ,no matter what the circumstances are.

        If I were Annie, I’d say… ” okay, if that’s what you want. Whatever floats your boat, Kerry. Good luck.”

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