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Walk This Way

I awoke today with a head full of cement and a body that felt as if it had been through the wringer.  That last wasn’t too far from the truth as I had a hell of a practice last night that involved starting to get a feel for backwards skating and going faster on skates than I’ve ever gone before.

Oh, and yeah:  I didn’t get to bed until 00:30, so I managed about four and a half hours of sleep after all of the evening’s hijinks.

This means I hobbled around this morning much like I’m hobbling around work today.  But in order to get from Point A (my apartment) to Point B (work), it was necessary to traverse a few locations between.

This is what my normal morning looks like.

First it’s out the back of the apartment complex and a short walk over to 3rd Street.  From there I walk two blocks to Strawberry Square because I get my coffee there.  Little Amps has a kiosk near the ATM machines and the hot bean juice they give me contains just enough caffeine to wake me up.


After a short chat it’s time for a little breakfast, because come those days after derby practice I’m craving food.  I head a half-block to the east to grab something at Grilled Cheese Plus, which makes the best breakfast sandwiches in the city.  They can literally make you just about any kind of grilled cheese concoction, and I’m half tempted to order a plan grilled cheese just to see how it measures up.


Then comes the walking part of the trip to work.  Each of the above two stops happened about three blocks from where I live:  now I have to hoof about three-quarters of a mile over to the other side of the Capitol Complex to arrive at my job.  Along the way I pass this edifice which takes up about the same amount of space as a Las Vegas hotel casino.


By this point I’m about half way to work.  After I’d walked a while I didn’t feel as stiff as I had when I woke, but I wasn’t as springy as I have been in the past.  Then again, I’m using muscles I haven’t used in about, oh, thirty years, so getting the body back into shape isn’t the easiest thing in the world and one should expect some pain along the way.  The reality is I’m feeling better every day and a lot of the soreness I wrote about last week is starting to vanish.  Maybe it won’t be that bad after another month.

Finally, after another ten or fifteen minutes, I arrive at the location where I collect a pay check:


Yep:  that’s it.  Then it’s inside and up to the first floor where I spend my day in an office.  Then it’s home and maybe a nap and then–

Why, I have a lot of things to do tonight.

And you can bet writing is one…

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