The Future Folks: Let’s Talk Standings

Well, it’s been an interesting weekend.

First off, yesterday I went out and bought skates, so now I have all the gear.  And I even found an old backpack in my car that I haven’t used for years which will do for holding my gear.  Yes, pig, it’ll do.

Tonight it’s gonna be write, then watch a little TV, then write again.  And tomorrow more writing.  I have down time until Wednesday so I may as well make the most of it, yeah?  Sure will.  And I’ll take a break tomorrow to go get a massage, so I’ll be a happy girl tomorrow.

Now, about my kids…

Now that Favorite Daughter has been greeted, attention quickly turns to Favorite Daughter’s SO, and it’s time for a little bonding over something the Kirilovi’s know–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Of course, Papa.” Annie wrapped her arms around her father and squeezed him tight. “I’m sorry I didn’t hug you right away.”

“The fact were hugging now is all that matters.” He released Annie with a slight pat on her shoulder. “In case you were unable to make a determination on your own, your mother and I are excited to see you as well.”

Pavlina turned to speak to Kerry because she didn’t want him to feel left out. “So, are you excited about the racing today?”

He did his best to keep from nodding as he smiled and spoke. “Yeah, the coven is officially in second place as of last week and we’re only a few points away from catching Åsgårdsreia.” He wiped the smile from his face and returned something more like normal. “It’s going to be pretty crazy out there today. All the Åsgårdsreia racers are going to pressing hard the podium—and were going to have to press just as hard to keep them off the podium.”

A slight smile appeared upon Annie’s face. “Tell them the other part.”

“Oh, yeah. Mórrígan is four points behind us and third and they came on real strong last weekend.” He glanced between all three members of the Kirilovi family. “Like I said, if you get kinda crazy out there today.”


It makes sense that Victor–who was something of a big racing deal when he was at school–would ask Kerry about today’s main activity.  A long time ago I believe I mentioned that Victor would probably love having a race date his daughter, though he doesn’t understand there’s more than dating going on here, which might change his opinion of the Ginger Hair Boy.  Then again, this means that Kerry better do well out on the course today or Victor may be giving him some post-race stink eye.  Odds are good that if Kerry doesn’t have a good day he won’t make a snarky comment to Annie, who likely wouldn’t have any of that.

This leads to Kerry asking about Victor’s upcoming race:


“It was like that when you were racing.” Pavlina turned towards her husband. “Although it wasn’t Mórrígan you worried about back then.”

“No, it was Ceridwen we worried about.” Victor glanced at Kerry. “Back then they were always in competition for first place, while we were the perennial third-place coven. Our concern then was moving up into second.”

Knowing what he did of Ceridwen’s race team, if not for having seen their finishes he would have found it difficult to believe they were first and second place team back when Annie’s parents were in school. “We’re racing the best we’ve raced so far. We’re hoping we can carry the momentum through the rest of the year and maybe get the top of the podium.” Kerry quickly changed the subject. “How are you going to handle your race today in India?”

“As we handle every race: go out on the course give it our best.” Victor gave a soft chuckle. “It’s actually a good thing we’re racing in India because it allows me to ‘turn in early’ and come here. By the time we’re through watching the racing here, I’ll be able to go back and get a decent night’s sleep.” He winked at Pavlina. “With a little help from you’re pharmaceutical magic, that is.”

Pavlina shook her head as she turned to the children. “It’s nothing special: just a variation on the readjustment formulas you use.”

Kerry shrugged. “Any help is good help.”

Victor nodded in agreement. “That is so true.” He held his hand out toward his wife. “Shall we peruse the Hall of Remembrance?”

Pavlina spoke in a loud whisper to Annie. “He’s been asking to see this all week.” She took her husband’s hand. “Lead on, my dear.”


Anyway, we now have the standings before going into the races and surprise!  Mórrígan is in third because Åsgårdsreia and Cernunnos are beating the hell out of the courses.  This cannot be sitting well with Erywin and Nadine, who have gotten used to being in first most of the year every year.  And in case you’re wondering, after all the races are over there will be numbers after those slashes because those standings might change.


Åsgårdsreia:  (1 +3/)
Cernunnos:  (2 +4/)
Mórrígan:  (3 +6/)
Blodeuwedd:  (4 +5/)
Ceridwen:  (5/)


I wonder if there’s anything in the Hall of Remembrance that might worry Annie and Kerry?  Maybe a few things?

Maybe we’ll find out tomorrow?