Team Get Together: Rules and Realizations

Since it’s Sunday, that must mean there’s going to be a novel excerpt.  And you know what?  You’re right, there is!

Now, I know in yesterday’s video I indicated that my goal for Saturday was to write a thousand words. However, I felt slightly short of that mark–and by slightly short of that mark, I mean about seven hundred and fifty word short.  I ended up finishing the first scene of Chapter Fifteen, but before I could get into seemed to there was something I needed to do: I had to figure out how four of the five stages of the Samhain Round Robin races finish. See–and here is a spoiler–seemed to has to do with the last heat of the day, and it happens to be a heat in which Kerry is racing.  Well, that’s fine and good–but how did he get there?

During the last novel I set up specific rules how the two main Round Robin races were to be conducted, so in order for Cernunnos to get into Stage 5–the final stage of the day–several things had to happen during the other two stages in which Cernunnos participated.  Unfortunately, I hadn’t figured that out as of last night, so after I finish Scene One I spent probably more than an hour working out not only where each team finished, but how the individual flyers within that team finished.  And the reason I needed this information goes back to what I did this morning–

Which was to write one thousand, one hundred and fourteen words.  All of what was written today relates to a recollection of how everything went in Stages 1 through 4 of the Samhain races, and detailed information was given understandings of each team, who stood on what podium, and the point shakeout by the start of Stage 5.  And once again, I should’ve known better than to try and start writing before I had all my background information figured out. I’ve tried this before and gotten burned for my troubles.

I gotta stop doing that.

Anyway, I’m well into the race–

As you can see here.

The race itself and its aftermath are likely going to take a up another two thousand words, maybe more.  I’ll have a better idea of that final word count after I get into the details of what comes next.  Needless to say, this is going to be an interesting scene.

But before you get to see this one, we have to get through the first scene of Chapter Fifteen, which starts today.  And as you can see any image above, the first scene is called Team Meeting.  With me, you get what you see–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Holoč Semplen stood at the podium and closely watched the five students before him. Everyone in the Cernunnos Racing Ready Room with the same who’d been here the year before: he was aware of that as the Samhain Round Robin Races with the first in which Kerry participated.

He wondered if next year he faced the same team. Both Manco Manani and Darius Roy were currently E Levels and Manco was already giving indications that he might not be willing to return as team captain. And given that Darius had yet to have a top-five finish the first month of the season, Holoč believed it possible he wouldn’t return unless his performance improved drastically in the next few months.

As for the other three members of the team, Holoč had no doubts they would return next year. Penny Rigman, Alex Chorney, and Kerry Malibey had all each won a race since the start of the season, and more often than not at least one ended up with a podium position when they didn’t win. These three had scored the majority the points that currently had their team in second place in the Coven Standings, and their efforts saw them occupying the fourth, fifth, and sixth positions in the Individual Standings.

Holoč remembered the initial resentment between Manco and Darius versus Penny, Alex, and Kerry, once Kerry joined the team and tend to decide with the girls. It took Manco most of the season to put the resentment behind him and realize that these three were far better racers than he had originally given credit. Darius, however, had remained resentful to the remainder of last season and into this one, and Holoč wondered if he should not sit down with the boy and ask him if this is going to be a continuing trend, for if it was, it might be necessary to bring up a new flyer to take his spot on the team.

He didn’t want to do that, but as well as the team is doing now, he didn’t want to jeopardize their future standings.

That moment would come later, perhaps by the end of next month or the end of the calendar year. For now, Holoč’s primary concern were the races today. Like everyone else they would participate in three, and these would be among the hardest races Annie A Team participated in on school grounds.


There you have it: the veterans on the team aren’t doing all that well, while Penny, Alex, and Kerry are doing all the heavy lifting and scoring all the points.  And of the three wins Cernunnos has had the first month of this season, each of those people have had one.

Now, an interesting thing that I should point out.  Racing season started only two weeks before, yet Cernunnos has three wins in those two weeks. How is that possible?  It’s because the first meet of the season sees three heats occurring.  In the first heat the first place team from the previous season faces off against the last-place team. Then, in the second heat, the second, third, and fourth place teams race off together. And in the last heat of the day, all five teams take to the course–the only time in the year this happens.  That’s how flyers from Cernunnos have managed to pull off three wins in two weeks time, and since Kerry won the week before, that means Penny and Alex wonder races and that very first day of racing.

It should be fairly clear that there’s some resentment still lingering on the team over the success of this trio.  But Holoč hasn’t got time to worry about that now.  You see, Raise Control has come up with an edict they want passed along to all racers…


With the team meeting winding down, Holoč moved on the last order of business. “I have one final bit of information for everyone this afternoon. Due to the rumors that one or more racers may decide to take out their aggressions upon other racers during today’s race, Race Control wants all participants to be aware that penalties will be issued should such actions occur and that they will be severe.

“While Race Control understands that tempers can run high during the course of the race, we frown upon premeditated actions. Not only will time penalties be issued, but it is entirely possible that racers will be removed from the course during the race and likely prohibited from racing in subsequent events.” He reviewed his notes on his tablet. “We will be particularly watchful of those who initiate actions, though I should warn you: it’s entirely possible that any of you could be penalized for even the smallest of retaliations.”


Hum… There are rumors of one or more racers threatening to take out their aggression on others while on the course today?  I wonder to whom they are referring?

I am sure you’ll find out tomorrow.