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Team Get Together: We Know Who’s Watching

Well here we are again, with another late post.  Today has been something of a meatgrinder at work and believe it or not, I’m a little behind on project, some really pushing hard to get things done by tomorrow–or at least early Thursday.

I have practice tonight, but I won’t be on skates.  Last night was practice number thirteen, and it wasn’t lucky: I hurt my right foot while jumping back and forth from one skate to the other. I wasn’t doing too bad until I felt something go pop in my right foot and I had to go sit down.  My foot is sore, but at least I can walk on.  Nothing is broken, nothing is black and blue, and there’s a little bit of swelling in the arch of my foot, and there’s a possibility I might have suffered a mild rupture of my plantar fascia, as I did feel something give way when I stepped down.

That means I’m going to film tonight, but I won’t be on the rink.  The soon as I’ll be back to practice will be Monday, and if I don’t feel ready for that I’ll wait until Wednesday.  At best I could end up taking off all next week so that I don’t have to worry about damaging my foot further.  I’m fairly certain the next couple of days it’ll start healing up and I’ll be back doing derby before you know it.

Needless to say, this is also given me an idea of the sort of injuries Annie could have when she starts getting out there and doing derby with her witchy friends…

But it’s going to be a while before that happens.  Right now, it’s time for Kerry to get his game face on.  And it’s time for Kerry’s friends to ask a few questions:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“Good.” Holoč stepped out from behind the podium. “Let’s get the rest of our gear together. We need to be down on the main floor by thirteen-ten so we can begin the festivities. We’re in the first heat, so let’s see what we can do about locking down the first or second position.” He motioned for everyone to get to their feet. “I’ll see you after everything is over. Have a good day.”

Kerry went over to where he’d placed his helmet, gloves, and boots. He grabbed his footgear and plopped down in the nearest seat so he could put them on. Penny was at his right a few moments later and spoke as she readied her on boots. “You okay?”

He nodded. “Right as rain.” He remained attentive as the laces on his boots. “Are you worried I’m not?”

Penny shrugged. “Well, we all know Lisa’s looking start some shit with you today and Annie’s parents are here to watch you race.” She slipped on her right boot. “I don’t know what others know, but I am aware her father was quite the racer when he was here.”

“He and Professor Semplen were the last individual champions for this coven.” Alex sat on the other side of Penny and looked across her friend at Kerry. “If I were in your position, I think I’d feel a bit of pressure right now.”


You know, there’s nothing better than your teammates coming over and reminding you that your girlfriend’s father, who happened to be an individual Champion for your coven when he was in school, is going to be watching you race and likely judging everything that you’re doing.  You know, it’s not like Kerry doesn’t already have a shit-load stress that he’s dealing with at the moment, now he has to deal with this.  And from his own friends as well.  You’d think they just leave them alone.

But now that the seed is planted, it’s not going away anytime soon–


Kerry shrugged off the comment. News of Annie’s parents arrival spread through the dining hall as soon as they sat down and once a few students realized her father’s identity, it didn’t take long for word to spread through the rest of the school. Annie had made it clear during her A and B Levels that she didn’t want her father to overshadow her accomplishments at Salem, and spoke little of her family.

But she also knew that at some point during her enrollment at school her family would want to visit, and as she told him one night, after that moment she would need to live with the reality that people would view her differently from that point on.

As Annie also pointed out, things would change for Kerry as well. Knowing that Annie’s father had been an Individual Champion for the Cernunnos race team meant that, like it or not, people would begin judging Kerry’s accomplishments against that of Annie’s father. And he was aware, even before she mentioned the fact, that whenever they came to watch him race, there would be unspoken expectations about his performance.

Kerry had told Annie at the time that he wouldn’t let those things bother him—but now, while getting on the rest of his gear in the Cernunnos Ready Room, he felt an inkling of pressure beginning to build inside. His goal for today, as always, was to place in the top five in each race—and, if possible, secure a podium. He never set out to win a race because he felt that was a sure way to put too much pressure on yourself and screw up at some point on the course.

For the first time since he began racing on the A Team a year ago, Kerry felt that he had to win at least one of the three races in which Cernunnos would participate during today’s Round Robin.


Kerry likes to race, but it’s not the only thing in his life.  He said before that if he wins, great: I won.  Now Kerry’s looking at it as, future father-in-law’s here and I would really love to win a race.  Needless to say, this could cause a few problems.

But Penny’s not done yet…

2 thoughts on “Team Get Together: We Know Who’s Watching

  1. I do believe Kerry does feel great pressure to win. Heh. Who’s he kidding . Of course , he wants to impress, no matter if he tries to look cool. His PILs are watching, and his FIL is tops in his time.

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