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Thoughts On Donald Trump Jr.’s Confession

Mike the Mad Biologist

Because things are moving so fast, here’s a list of observations:

  1. Donnie Two Scoops is gonna whack Fredo. I kid, but here’s a serious point: these leaks didn’t come from the FBI, the CIA, or foreign intelligence services. The leaks that led to Junior’s, erm, ill-advised admission of collusion came from inside the White House. The mind boggles. At this point, one has to wonder if, an external crisis were to occur, if the administration could offer a coherent response, given the level of backstabbing.
  2. All of the denials by the Trump campaign from 2016 ring pretty hollow at this point.
  3. Related to what I wrote here, just how much more ‘well, but…’ are some people going to engage in? Every denial has turned out to be false. Read some articles (not Louise Mensch–ian the Grand Poobah of the Supreme Court is implementing Impeachment Protocol 8675309 crap), and you’ll…

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