Samhain Racing: The Aftermath

Another weekend down, a last full week in July to enjoy.  And as expected, I’m gonna be busy as hell.  I have things planed all the way through Thursday and I may even have something going down Friday.  Then it’s busy Saturday and busy Sunday, which means I could be rocking and rolling every day this week.

And a few months ago I complained I never got out of the house.

The Rumble Outside Rockport is over and The Race Powers That Be have ordered everyone back inside The Diamond.  But in order to get here, you have to go there…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Penny helped Kerry over to his jet ski.  “I imagine we’re in some pretty shite now.”

Kerry grunted as he retrieved his helmet and gloves and place them in his lap as he sat upon his PAV.  “You think?”  He gave Penny a quizzical look.  “Why’d you start the fight with Lisa?”

“Because she damn near wrecked me in Helter Skelter.”  She grunted.  “I wasn’t about to let that slide at all.”


I actually had to go back and add this part because when I originally wrote it I had nothing to say about why Penny did what she did.  Now you know:  she was one of the people who were almost wrecked by Lisa when she received her first “rough racing” time penalty.


Both teams returned to the interior of The Diamond, never saying a word or casting a glance at anyone on the other team.  As soon as I entered the enormous structure Kerry looked up at the holographic scoreboard and instantly noticed the two most dreaded words one could see at the end of a race: Unofficial Results.  He glanced over at Penny and Alex, who were on his right.  “That’s not good.”

Alex nodded.  “They’ve already assessed a penalty to Lisa and it’s not up there.”

“It’s because they’re busy assessing penalties to all of us—” Penny nodded over her left shoulder.  “For what happened back there.”

Kerry felt his heart sink.  He knew he likely get penalized for his actions on the track: it was just a matter of how severe those penalties would become.  After all, he not only reached over and struck Lisa while they were racing, but he deliberately hit her PAV in an attempt to gain an advantage over her.  When he added up everything in his head, he realized he could be looking at a fifteen or twenty-second penalty, which could move him far enough back standing that not only wouldn’t he get a podium, he might not even point for this race.

As both teams came to a stop in their respective tram areas Vicky’s voice boomed throughout The Diamond.  “Your attention please.  This is Race Control.  As the moment we have unofficial results posted for the race just concluded.  We are in the process of determining penalties to be assessed to individual racers.  Once all penalties are determined, we will announce those penalties and post the final results.  Please stand by.”

Penny came over and stood by Kerry, who remained seated on his PAV due to the pain in his left leg.  “Don’t worry, mate.  I don’t think they’re going to hit you up bad.  It wasn’t like you were involved in the fight.”

“That’s true.”  Alex nodded in agreement.  “You were trying to stop things out there.”

He sighed as his shoulders slumped.  “It’s not what happened in the fight; it’s what happened out on the track.  They’re liable to nail me for that.”


The calm before the oncoming storm.  Tomorrow you get to view the damage.