Samhain Racing: The Reckoning

And in the never-ending story of me doing roller derby, after a not-so-great practice last night I’ve decided to skip the next two practices in an effort to allow my foot to heal properly.  I was probably at 90% last night when I started, and I likely ended up at about 80% by the time I arrived home.  I figure a week of complete rest will get me back up to near 100% for next Monday night.  And while I may go and film tonight, I won’t be on skates.

Oh, and I almost passed out last night because–I don’t know.  Probably due to a lack of proper hydration and not eating enough.

My coach came over at one point and said I was as green as my tank top.  I have no reason to disbelieve her.

I also had a Facebook friend tell me last night that I’ve inspired her to sign up for a derby boot camp next month.  I say, “Put some skates on, be your own hero.”  Because hell yeah.

And speaking of being a hero, it’s time to see what’s going to happen to Kerry, as it’s time for Race Control to hand out the pain–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


The silence in the diamond went on for about another fifteen seconds before Vicky’s voice spoke once more. “Your attention, please. This is Race Control. Penalties for individual racers have been assessed and we will now give you our results.

“Penelope Rigman: ten second penalty, conduct unbecoming a racer—fighting.”

Penny shrugged. “I expected that; I threw the first punch.”

Vicky continued. “Alexandria Chorney: ten second penalty conduct unbecoming a racer—fighting.”

Alex looked from side to side. “Well, I did punch Lisa rather hard.”

As Kerry listen to the penalties being assessed it became obvious that everyone on both teams was being assessed some sort of penalty for their actions. Everyone was given a five or ten second penalty for fighting, with the exception of Rivânia and Manco were both given and second penalties due to their inabilities, as team captains, to control the teams.

He noticed something else as well: neither Lisa’s name nor his was mentioned as penalties were affixed. Kerry figured the worst was being saved for last, and that his actions on the track were going to involve a hefty penalty.

After just over a minute he heard his name mentioned. “Kerry Malibey: a two penalty assessment—”


It may sound like Race Control is being a little heartless, but hey, you get into a fight, you gotta pay the price.

Now it’s Kerry’s turn:


He hung his head. “Here it comes.”

“Penalty one: five second penalty, rough racing. Penalty two: five second penalty, conduct unbecoming a racer—striking another racer on course.”

He waited for more but it didn’t come and he gave both Penny and Alex a look of disbelief. “I thought it would be more.”

Alex tilted her head to one side. “Professor Semplen did say he was going to fight for us if anything happened out on the course.”

“Looks like he did.”

As Kerry had thought earlier, Race Control was saving the worst for last. “Lisa Glissandi: a four penalty assessment. Penalty one: five second penalty, rough racing. Penalty two: five second penalty, conduct unbecoming a racer—striking another racer on course. Penalty three: five second penalty, conduct unbecoming a racer—fighting. And penalty four: ten second penalty, conduct unbecoming a racer—attempting to deliberately wreck an opponent.”

But it appeared Race Control was not finished. “In addition to the aforementioned penalties, Ms. Glissandi is given a two position penalty to be applied during her next race.”  Lisa looked up at the scoreboard as Vicky continued speaking. “This penalty is being assessed due to the severity of her actions taken on the course today, and as a reminder to other racers that your actions toward others are noted and that Race Control will act when necessary.

“At the conclusion of the award ceremony for this race, all racers—with the exception of those needing to go to the hospital to receive immediate medical attention—to report to the Flight School Ready Room to speak with the members of Race Control.


So, Kerry had two penalties that weren’t, in the overall scheme, that bad.  But Lisa?  Twenty-five seconds total plus she’s getting docked two positions in her next race, which means the best finish she can hope for is a third.  And she was reminded that Race Control is always watching, making the likelihood of her doing this again slim.

And just to make sure what happened today sinks in, everyone that isn’t bound for the hospital has to sit in a room with Vicky and the coven leaders–the people who make up Race Control–and get a ream out.  Not a lot of fun.

Now that this drama has played out…


“With all penalties assessed, they are now applied to the unofficial race times.” The times on the scoreboard were adjusted in nearly all positions on the scoreboard shifted.

“Here are the official times for the the last heat. The days racing is completed and we will now move on to the final award ceremony. Thank you all for coming, and enjoy the rest of your day.”

The inside of The Diamond filled with considerable cheering and yelling. On the floor the Cernunnos team erupted in celebration, while the mood in Åsgårdsreia was less than jovial—and in a few cases, some team members appeared ready to take out their frustrations on one of their own.

Penny, Alex, and Kerry looked up at the scoreboard and began congratulating each other. Penny slapped Kerry on the shoulder twice. “You got it: you won the race.”

“Yeah, but—” he scanned the scoreboard one more time before addressing the two girls next to him. “You guys ain’t seeing it.”

Alex looked at him strangely. “Seeing want?”

He pointed at the scoreboard. “The three of us: we’re all on the podium. We swept it.”

Penny and Alex looked up simultaneously and broke into laughter nearly the same time. Alex pointed at the board. “Bozhe. We did it.” She turned to her friends. “I wonder when this last happened?”

“Probably about the time Annie’s father was racing here.” Penny wrapped an arm around Kerry’s shoulder and gave him a hug. “Way to make an impression, mate.”

“You know it.” Kerry slid off his jet ski, but the moment he tried to stand his left leg buckled from pain. He caught the handlebars of his PAV before going down. “I may need some help getting to the podium. And… You think you could call a nurse?”


Not only did Cernunnos have a good day, but in the end they took the top three positions, which is something they hadn’t done in a while.  They’ve taken two positions on the podium more than a few times, but now they’ve swept.  Like Penny said, way to make an impression, mate.

This was something I needed to figure out and it took about 40 minutes total to get it right.  Below you can see how it worked out.  On the left is the unofficial finish, then we have the penalties, the new times, and lastly the official finish with points earned.


As noted Lisa was knocked completely out of contention–if she’d just raced her race she’d have finished second–while Anna and Rezi Lahood moved up considerably.  Even so, Cernunnos was the big winner of the day, and Kerry managed a win in front of Annie’s family.

About what happens next…