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Imagining Living in the Unreal

It’s been a strange sort of day.  I woke up ready to go and I’ve been in that mode ever since.  It’s a strange feeling as I haven’t had a lot of get up and go for a few months–could that be due to practice?  Not really:  I was feeling like that long before I strapped on some skates and became my own hero.  I’m sure it was due to something else.

Yesterday I spent time thinking about Kerry’s future, but not like long-term stuff; you know, more like what’s coming in the next few months.  It’s not like I haven’t thought about it before, but now that a few changes are coming into his life, I’ve had to refine that view a bit.  Before I started on the current novel everything was painted, more or less, in broad stokes.  Now the time has come to fill in some of the outlines and maybe turn a couple of mistakes into birds.

This goes for Annie, too.  As we saw way back in the beginning of this novel she’s breaking out of her “Ice Queen” shell and even venturing away from her home.  She spent time with Alex and even traveled to Cardiff to see Kerry, look around his parent’s house, and check out his room.  (She also said his bed would be a good place to conceive kids, but she was just clowning him.  Maybe.)  She’s growing as a person and a young woman, and given how these kids talk and act, it’s likely she’s already got a good grasp of her sexuality and is working with her soul mate on his.

It’s safe to say that in the next month or so there will be a few surprises tossed out here for everyone to see.  This is what happens when you dig into the lives of your fictional characters and look for the little nuggets that make up their personality and their experiences.  In the last few weeks I’ve actually had a lot more fun digging into areas I didn’t know existed so that I could bring a few new elements into this story.  It not only helped that I wanted to change things up a bit, but it’s actually helped set up things better for the future.

A future that is continuing to change.  Except for a few things, that is.

There was a time when I figured Kerry being dumped by his parent for the Yule holidays might be one of the worst things in the world for him.  Now…  I’m not so certain.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so this could be one of those things that keeps Kerry strong.  As for Annie–well, she has her own strength.  Which we’ll get to see on display soon.

Act One is nearly over:  one last chapter and I can move on to the act where all hell breaks loose.  I don’t want to say I’m gonna have fun torturing my kids–

But you know I will.

12 thoughts on “Imagining Living in the Unreal

  1. As time goes on, you get to look at your characters a bit differently, and it’s just natural that , as the characters grow, your perspective also changes. Even JK Rowling had tomake a few changes . Her original plot was Ron would die, and Lupin woud survive. But she couldn’t kill off Ron, one of the triumvirate, and killed off Lupin and Tonks instead,because she wanted to show that another orphan child could experience love and happiness,too, unlike Harry who had a horrible childhood.

    By the way, one of the few mistakes she made , according to Rowling herself, was that she paired Hermione and Ron at the end of the story.

      • Her rationale was , Harry and Hermione together are too much of a power couple.

        My only trouble with Ginny and Harry is that, their relationship just came out of nowhere, although there were some foreshadowings , such as Ginny’s humungous crush on Harry , that she looks like Lily , his mother, and Ginny is good – looking. We know for a fact that Harry likes pretty girls…. and you know, in the book, Hermione is not exactly a looker. and therefore, Harry is not attracted to her one bit. Another problem is, Emma Watson is gorgeous….. and that’s why people are wondering why Harry doesn’t get attracted to her…….

        • I wonder what JK would say about Annie and Kerry?

          I realize Ginny looks a lot like Lilly, which makes you wonder if carries just looking for a mother figure instead of a wife. That’s one thing you can say about Kerry: he’s not looking for a mommy figure, he’s just looking for someone to love.

          • And someone to love him.

            I’m wondering though…. if Emma was first to give him love, do you think Kerry would respond to her ? Kerry was all ready to accept love from someone at that point….. or was there a mental barrier that would instinctively prevent him from responding to Emma , just like what happened to Annie in the early part of their relationship ? He went with the flow though, and I have a feeling if it was Emma, he would also get sucked in because Emma is sexually aggressive……. Annie would not be able to compete.

          • And Kerry gets that love from Annie. That’s what he really craves.

            I actually did some thinking on that matter of what would have happened if both Annie and Kerry hadn’t remembered each other. And then once they got to Salem, if Kerry and Emma begin dating first. The things that Emma has against her that Annie doesn’t have is that Emma is very clingy and demanding. That was shown right off the bat when she made her move towards Kerry. Annie has always let Carrie B carry. She may give him some direction from time to time, but as she’s always pointed out, he has to learn to do things on his own, he has to learn to experience things on his own. Emma would have never done that, and there’s some question that comes into play as to whether or not carry would have started feeling as if he was dealing with his mother. I know how it turns out, because I played it all the way through and I tried to make it look logical.

          • I don’t know about being clingy, but she definitely is very aggressive and straightforward in showing her attraction to Kerry . Fortunately for Kerry, Annie saw him first, and was as determined as Emma to make him hers.

            But, Emma would have been a formidable rival in the triangle.

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