Post Race Parade: Visit One

The weekend is almost here and–surprise!–I’m gonna be busy.  I have a party on Sunday and tomorrow I’ll be working a booth at our local Pride celebration, which comes a month late in The Burg because it’s The Burg.  I’ll try to get pictures.

Oh, and this morning someone recognized me from our roller derby team page on Facebook and wanted to say high.  So there you go:  I’m known to some of our team’s fans.

Speaking of having fans…  Kerry is so over this race, but the race isn’t over with him.  Let’s find out what’s going on:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


After the award ceremony four racers required enough medical attention that they were taken to the hospital. The punch to Anna Laskar’s jaw was severe enough to split both her upper and lower lip and loosen two of her teeth. The multiple punches Lisa took to her eye required treatment to eliminate the swelling and bruising. The kick Darius Roy took to his groin caused one of his testicles to swell dramatically.

And then there was Kerry…

Though he was able to use crutches to ascend to the top of the podium, he needed Penny’s and Alex’s assistance to make it down due to the pain in his left leg. Because of this, Nurse Bianca felt it best to transport Kerry to the hospital in a wheelchair, and one was summoned.

After helping them into Bed #2 in Bay #1 Nurse Bianca ran a quick scan on his leg. However, she didn’t tell him the results of the scan: instead, she told him to lay back and relax while she went and consulted with Coraline as to the best form of treatment. This didn’t make Kerry feel all that optimistic about his chances of making the dance this evening.

His spirits rose a few seconds later when Annie arrived with her parents following. She immediately headed to the left side of his bed and took his hand, completely oblivious to the stairs she received from her mother and father. “How are you feeling, my love? Were you told what’s wrong?”

Kerry had fought the urge to glance at Annie’s parents at the moment she called him “my love”. He was fairly certain that her mother wouldn’t have reacted to the comment—but it was her father he had wanted to observe. Instead, he kept his eyes locked on Annie’s. “Nurse Bianca just finished a scan on me she didn’t say a word other than to say she was going to go and consult Coraline.”

“I’m certain it’s not severe, Kerry.” Pavlina adjusted her purse on her shoulder and folded her hands in front of her torso. “The nurses today aren’t likely to be any different than the nurses were when we were students. Isn’t that right, Victor?” She gave her husband a smile. “After all, you had quite a bit of experience dealing with doctors and nurses then.”

Victor gave a small chuckle. “Indeed I did.” He looked at Kerry. “I’m sure it’s not severe. From what we were able to see on the screens, it didn’t look as if this Glissandi girl made hard contact with you.”

Kerry gave a tired sigh. “It may not of look like much, but it certainly didn’t feel that way.” He gave Annie’s hand a squeeze. “At least I know nothing’s broken.”

Annie returned the squeeze with a bright smile. “Which means we may still be able to make it to the dance.”


Right there, Annie crossed the Rubicon:  she called Kerry “My love” in front of her parents and there was no way in hell they didn’t hear her.  And Kerry wanted to see how Victor took it, ’cause even he knows Papa might flip just a bit hearing that.

In the aftermath of the big fight four people ended up in the hospital, and all of them are there because of Lisa.  And let’s remember that if Lisa is in the hospital, that means Race Control hasn’t spoken with her–