Post Race Parade: Visit Two

This post is gonna seem kinda hurried because in about thirty minutes I need to head out the door so I can go work the Harriburg Pride Festival.  I will be out there with my HARD team, letting people know about derby and our upcoming game next Sunday.  Then it’s off to get a pedicure and then maybe helping tear down our booth at 6 PM.

But do you want good news?

‘Cause here’s the good news…

Chapter Fifteen is in the writing bank, clocking in just short of ninety-five hundred words, and bringing the story to exactly 194,900 words.  That means Chapter Sixteen will quite likely push the novel, and Act One, over two hundred thousand words, ’cause how could it not?  And in doing so it will become my longest act of all, nearly a third of the length of the second novel and almost half the length of the first.

Like I said, this is gonna be a long book.

Did I mention Kerry’s getting more visitors?  He sure is–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“I can guarantee you’re going to the dance.” Coraline stepped into the bay and, after greeting Pavlina and Victor, stood next to the monitors situated over Kerry’s head. “According to the scan, you have a lot of deep bruising, but as you say nothing is broken. And the most important news: absolutely no damage to your knee.”

He turned his eyes toward the ceiling and smiled. “I didn’t think there was, but is good to hear there isn’t.”

“It’s great news.” Victor stepped up alongside Coraline. “By the way—” he held out his hand. “Congratulations on the great day of racing, particularly that win at the end. You fought hard to come home first.”

Kerry reached up and shook the outstretched hand. “Thank you, sir.”

Pavlina moved so she could be seen on Coraline’s left. “All of your races were hard-fought today, Kerry. You should feel proud.”

“I do, Mrs. Kirilova.”

She flashed a crooked smile. “Pavlina.”


“Thank you, Mama and Papa.” Annie turned her attention to the school’s doctor. “So what are you going to do for Kerry?”


Kerry has officially impressed a Formula 1 driver who just happens to be his soul mate’s father, and Annie’s mother as well, who is probably even a harder sell even though Kerry might not be aware of that.  Given all the shit Kerry’s been through so far, his parents can suck it, ’cause when you impress a Formula 1 driver who finished the season in third, you can officially look at your folks and go, “Who did you impress today?”  I think Louise would be looking for a place to die if she were in the hospital right now.

So yeah, Doctor Gallagher, what are you gonna do for Annie’s soul mate?


“No, nothing more than give him the mixture I use for healing strained muscles.” Coraline snapped off the monitors and pushed them back into the place. “I’ll mix a little something else in there to help alleviate the bruising. Can have him taking you to the dance all bruised up, can we?”

Annie was about to answer when a voice from behind spoke first. “Before you do that, we’d like a word with your patient.”

Everyone with the exception of Kerry turned in the direction of the voice. Vicky stood at the opening to the bay, with Holoč, Deanna, and Erywin behind her. She hooked her thumbs in the belt loops of her jeans. “After all, if he can’t come to Race Control, Race Control will have to come to him.”


Yeah, just because you went to the hospital, it doesn’t mean The Powers That Be aren’t gonna come to you.  And there are here with a message–


Coraline nodded. “Well, while you’re speaking with my patient, I’ll be getting his medication ready. If you’ll excuse me—” She negotiated her way out of the bay and vanished.

The four adults stood at the foot of his bed while Kerry elevated the head so he could face them without having to sit up. Vicky spoke for the group. “Before I start, know that Jessica and Maddie are not here by choice: they felt we could convey our message to you the best. So don’t believe their absence means anything special.

“The message we’ve conveyed to all other members of the teams involved in the altercation at the end of the last race is that such actions will not be tolerated for the rest of the season, and should it happen again, the parties involved in such infractions will be penalized far more heavy than they were today. And this message will be relayed to the other three teams prior to next week’s races.”



Oh, does this mean you’re going to give us the rest of what they have to say tomorrow, Cassie?

Why yes:  yes, I will…