Post Race Parade: Race Control Realities

Well, yesterday is a part of history, at least for me.  Attended Harrisburg Pride Fest and worked our HARD booth, helping the set it up and speak with people about how wonderful it is to get out on skates and knock the hell out of people.  While we didn’t get a drag queen show up during our shift to take a photo with all of us, we did have a good crowd. We also learned that by 4 PM–two hours before Pride Fest ended–we given out all two hundred and fifty of our coupons for next Sunday’s bout.

Needless to say, it was a pretty successful day.  It was also a beautiful day, albeit a bit windy in the morning.  That doesn’t mean we weren’t happy:



After getting my pedicure and coming home and finishing a movie, I went out for a drive because, basically, I was bored.  After having such a great day I wanted to talk to someone about it, but there was no one around.  Social the hazards of being alone.  Maybe this time next year that will be the case.

Now, we know someone who isn’t alone–in fact, he has quite the crowd in his hospital bay.  In some of those people have instructions they like him to hear.  Let’s find out what those instructions are, shall we?


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Vicky’s tone softened slightly as she placed her hands on the bed’s baseboard. “I want you to understand, Kerry, that even though you were provoked to take the actions you did today, it was still necessary to penalize you—”

He nodded. “I understand. I did something wrong and you can’t show favoritism to me by saying I was completely faultless.” He gave a slight shrug. “I’m fine with what happened; I won’t contest the penalties.”

Holoč stepped forward. “None of us thought you would. Whenever you’ve received a penalty in the past you’ve never argued the point.”

“We also recognize that your actions on the course today isn’t something you’ve done before.” Erywin squeezed in over Vicky’s right shoulder. “We know we won’t have trouble with you in future.”

“That’s for sure.” A slight smile formed on Kerry face. “Then again, I hope I never have to go through that sort of thing again.”

“Speaking of what happened on the course today—” Annie scanned the faces of the members of Race Control. “Can I assume you didn’t have this exact same conversation with Lisa?”


As we saw during the Mount Katahdin race, when Kerry makes a mistake on track he owns it.  Just as he told Vicky to penalize him then, here he says he knows what he did was wrong and he will contest the penalties.  It doesn’t matter if he was provoked into performing those actions are not: he did them and he has to own up for them.  This shows that Kerry is a far bigger person than say, oh, certain parents who are real chicken shits about saying goodbye to their kid and then telling them at the last moment they’re abandoning him for Yule holiday?

Annie wants to know about the conversation that Race Control held with Lisa. And guess what?  They’re going to tell her:


Deanna stepped around Holoč. “I assure you, Annie, we did not have the same conversation with Lisa. The conversation we had was quite different.”

“Are you certain she won’t try anything else?”

“We’re certain.” Erywen flashed a slight smile. “Lisa was set down for the next two race weekends—” She nodded to her right. “It was Deanna’s call.”

Kerry almost sat up in bed even though he wasn’t supposed to do that. “You sat her down for two weekends?”

Deanna crossed her arms and nodded. “Not only sat her down, but did so with the warning that if between now and next year’s Samhain races she does anything remotely like what she did today, she’ll be sent back down to the B Team for an entire year. And if her attitude should change after that, she’s out of racing completely.” She shook her head while looking angry. “She cost the coven dearly today and I am finished with her antics.”

Vicky leaned on the baseboard of the bed. “As are we all.”

Coraline returned with her mixture for Kerry and cleared her throat. “Now, if Race Control is finished with their lecture—”


On top of the twenty-five seconds penalties handed out at the end of today’s race and the future penalty of having two positions knocked off during her next race, Deanna has sat her down for two weeks.  This means that she is going to miss out on a whole lot of points regarding her individual standings, and when she comes back from this the best shall be able to finish in that race is third.  Not only that, but she’s also on probation for an entire year, not just to get sent down to the B Team, but to see whether or not she remains in racing at all.

In terms of penalties she pretty much got the book thrown at her and depending on how severely she messes up the next time, she’ll either not be racing with the adults, or not racing at all.  What remains to be seen is whether or not Lisa straightens up, or she decides to go nuclear in try taking out the entire field during her next race.  One can guess she’s going to be told that when she races the next time, the moment she starts getting out of control the race will be red flagged and she’ll be removed from the course.  And if she doesn’t go willingly, you can bet Vicky and Erywin and a few others will go out and convince her to leave.

With that drama out of the way, Coraline’s ready to treat her patient. All she has to do is get these pesky adults away from Kerry–


Erywin motioned for everyone to leave. “I believe were being given a hint.”

“Indeed we are.” Holoč turned and gave Kerry a quick smile. “Congratulations on that last win. I’ve already congratulated Penny and Alex for taking the other two positions on the podium.”

Kerry suddenly felt a great deal of pride well up from within. “Thank you, Professor.”

After instructors and staff left all that remained were Coraline, Annie, and her parents. Coraline glanced about the bay. “I’m going to give everyone about ninety seconds to say your goodbyes and then I’m going to start shooing you out.” She turned and hurried away.


All in all things pretty much went Kerry’s way.  His penalties didn’t hurt him in the long run as everyone was penalized, and Lisa got her comeuppance.

All that remains now are the last goodbyes.