The Next Steps: The Girl in the Mirror

First, quick skating update.  The new wheels are great.  I was getting a lot more speed on them that I did on my old wheels and, at one point, didn’t realize how fast I was going when I came off the track and did a little bit of a panic as I quickly started to slow down.  Once I get a good feel for these I think my speed is gonna improve nicely.

Second, it was pointed out to me that a certain passage in yesterday’s excerpt seemed a bit off.  It was where Annie said she’d stay and help Kerry get dressed, and my friend said that it seemed as if there was something wrong with Kerry, that she was suddenly unable to dress herself.  Knowing that I did a quick edit on the two lines in question, making it so that you know that Annie and Kerry discussed the first time he’d transition and that she might require help changing after.

This is how it looked before the edit:


Annie went over and locked the curtain before turning back to Kerry. “I hope you don’t get embarrassed by my helping you. There isn’t a need for me to be here, you know.”

“Naw, I’m not—it’s okay. Besides, I like the company.” Kerry looked down at her feet. “My toes are so small.”


This is what it looks like after the edit:


Annie went over and locked the curtain before turning back to Kerry. “I know we talked about you dressing the first time, but I hope you don’t get embarrassed by my helping you. There isn’t a need for me to be here, you know.”

“Naw, I’m not—” Kerry shook her head. “It’s okay. Besides, I like the company.” She looked down at her feet. “My toes are so small.”


There you are.

However, before Kerry can change there’s the matter of, um, “seeing” herself.  In a magical mirror.  Au natural, as they say.  With that in mind, the following passage may lead to a bit of embarrassment–though certainly not from Annie:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


“It will.” Kerry stared at herself in the mirror for about five seconds before she reached down and pulled her sleep shirt off with a slight yelp. She took just a moment to see herself topless before untying her sleep pants and sliding them off along with her underwear. She swallowed once then took a step forward to get a better view of her entire body. She slowly closed her eyes and gave her head a slight shake. “Wow. I mean—”

“My love—” Annie stood at the foot of Bed #2 examining her soul mate carefully. “You’re gorgeous.”

That is a word I never thought I’d hear used to describe me.” She once again touched the tops of her breasts as if to ensure herself they existed before allowing her gaze to travel lower. “At least now all my hair is closer in color.”

Annie chuckled as she understood Kerry’s reference. “You certainly aren’t as dark as you were in that area now.”

Kerry eventually glanced over to Annie. “It’s strange, you know?”

“What is?”

“Not seeing anything—” She pointed at her groin. “Down there.”

“Yes, well—” Annie snorted. “It’s the way we’re built. I’m certain, however, that if you stay as a girl a while, or transition into this form often, you’ll want to see what you look like down there. It’s only natural, you know.”

Kerry brushed some hair from her face as she scrutinized Annie. “You’ve seen that?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

“When? And how?”

“About a month before I turned ten. The how was I came out of the shower one night and before I dressed for bed, I lay down on the bed with a hand mirror.” Annie arched an eyebrow. “I suspect a lot of girls have done the same.”

“Right.” Kerry felt her cheeks grow warm at the concurrent thoughts that not only had Annie used a mirror to look at her genitals, but that one day she might do the same.

“Right now that’s not high on my list of things to do.”

“No: getting ready for bed is the order of business, my love.” Annie handed Kerry the panties from the pile of clothes on the bed. “Remember what I told you about these?”


Okay, so… in the Category of Too Much Information, we are now aware that (1) as a boy Kerry’s “carpet” doesn’t match the “curtains”, but girl Kerry’s does, and (2) Annie took the time one day to use a mirror to take a look at her genitals, because of course she did.  Oh, and Annie thinks Kerry is gorgeous as a girl.  One might think this is strange, but–this is Annie we’re talking about, someone who decided to marry a boy she met her in dreams when she was six years and nine months old.  So nothing should surprise you.

And now that we’ve had this look-see, maybe it’s time Kerry got dressed…

The Next Steps: Working Towards Bedtime

Believe it or not I’m gonna talk derby before I get into the novel.  Yeah, you knew it was coming.  And if you didn’t–you should.

Last night I receives the new wheels I ordered last Friday.  Here they are:

I can hear you saying, “Why do you need new wheels?  What’s wrong with the ones you have?” In a word, what’s wrong is me.  See, for what I do, the type of wheels I have–93a, which is a hardness rating–are great for someone who weights between 110 and 190 pounds.  Unfortunately I’m a lot more than 190 pounds, so my weight makes the wheel press down into the floor more than it should: it actually makes it work like a softer, stickier wheel.

The ones I have now are a 96a, which is a much harder wheel.  They also have an aluminum hub, which is another difference from my old wheels that had a nylon hub.  Aluminum supports my weight better and keeps me from warping the wheels when turning, which helps press the wheel into the floor more and ends up slowing me down.

The end result is that I shouldn’t feel like I’m sticking to the floor and I shouldn’t have as much friction which will allow me to go faster and maintain speed with less energy.  That’s what should happen, but with everything else, I’ll likely spend a few days getting used to these and work into them slowly.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed I’ll see more improvement in my abilities as time goes on.

Now, about that novel…

Kerry’s clothes have come and with it being about three in the morning it’s probably a good time to get ready for bed.  Which is exactly where we’re heading:


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


Coraline patted the stack of garments on the bed. “I imagine you want to get out of that stuff, so go ahead and change. When you’re done I want to get a quick scan before tucking you in, okay?”

Kerry slid off the bed, appearing a bit shocked that she now had a little further to fall before reaching the floor. “Okay.”

Coraline turned her attention to Annie. “I’ll be in the waiting area: take your time helping her and let me know when you’re finished.” She stepped into the corridor and waved the privacy curtain shut.

Annie went over and locked the curtain before turning back to Kerry. “I hope you don’t get embarrassed by my helping you. There isn’t a need for me to be here, you know.”

“Naw, I’m not—it’s okay. Besides, I like the company.” Kerry looked down at her feet. “My toes are so small.”

“Yes, they’re like mine.” Annie thought it amusing that Kerry would focus on such a minor detail of her new body. “Would you like to see what you look like?”

She looked up. “I already saw what I look like—”

“No. I mean, do you want to see what you look like—” Annie paused for just a moment. “All over?”

There were a few seconds of silence before Kerry understood what Annie was asking. “You mean naked?”


Yeah, Kerry:  as in naked.  And since you know Annie isn’t at all shy about nudity–remember spa days with Mom?–seeing Kerry in the buff isn’t a big deal.  Not when she’s already seen Boy Kerry in his all together a couple of times in real life, never mind that wedding night vision.  So we know what Annie’s answer is gonna be…


She nodded. “Yes.”

Kerry avoided her soul mate’s gaze for a few seconds. “Are you sure?”

“My love—” A light smile etched itself upon Annie’s face. “I’ve seen naked girls before, myself included.”

“Yeah.” Kerry gave a quick nod. “I suppose you have, Sweetie. Problem is, we don’t have a mirror.”

Annie moved to the foot of Bed #2. “I think I can fix that…” Using the privacy curtain as a backdrop she began moving her hands as if she were gathering unseen items together and placing them in the air before her.

Kerry knew what she was doing. “Did you finally work out the Air Mirror spell?” Air Mirror was an E Level spell that allowed a witch to create a reflective surface out of seemingly nothing, though both girls knew from their attempts at crafting this in Advanced Spells that one was more or less using whatever moisture was in the air to create this surface.

“I was able to refine my visualizing the other night when you were in Advanced Transformation. I think—” The air in front of Annie shimmered once and then solidified into an area about two meters high by a meter wide. “That should work well.”


This last part comes right from the book trailer:




Inside a closed-off bay Annie begins pulling air together to make a flat surface.


Remember that?  Now you know what she was doing: getting ready to show Kerry her new birthday suit.

Which you may or may not see tomorrow.

I guess it depends on your imagination.

The Next Steps: Time of Change

Now we come to the part of the program where we get back to the novel–

But after a word about my practice last night.

If you read yesterday’s post–and you should–you’ll know I had a bad night because of a personal failure on my 27/5.  Well, last night practice starts and–we’re told to skate as many laps as we can in five minutes, and if possible improve on our last times.  Knowing that, I struck out and set what I thought was a good pace.  I didn’t do as many crossovers as I’d have liked–maybe a quarter of my corners saw them–but I kept pushing.  And when the whistle blew at the end of five minutes–

I’d done about 20 1/3 laps.

The goal I’d set out for last week was to hit at least twenty laps in five minutes, or do a lap every fifteen seconds.  I did a lap in just less than fifteen seconds, and if I’d managed better crossovers I’d have cut that time considerably, because I was losing a lot of speed coasting through the turns.  And my next goal is 24 laps in five minutes, which works out to a lap every twelve and a half seconds.  Doing that puts me in position to shave off another second and a half per lap, which takes me to eleven second a lap, which is what’s needed to do 27 laps in 5 minutes.

See?  I got it all worked out.

It’s still not easy, however.  We skated a lot of laps and my back was locking up so bad at the end I could barely move my legs.  I collapsed on the inside of the track right before the whistle blew to end all our cardio and I lay on my stomach for about two minutes crying from the pain.

I’m going back tomorrow for more.

Okay, skating’s out of the way.  Novel Time is here–

Annie and Kerry are in the ICU and Coraline is there.  And she wants Kerry to get into some nicer clothing–at least something that will fit her better than the clothes she wore to bed as a boy–and all we need for that to happen is for Kerry to tell us where her other outfit is located…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


She placed her hands on her thighs and leaned forward slightly. “Still in my luggage. The roll-on bag to the right side of the wardrobe as you face it.”

Coraline turned to Gretchen. “Go to her room, get her things, and bring them back here.” She glanced towards the children sitting on Bed #2. “Is your robe in there as well?”

Kerry nodded. “Yeah.”

Coraline patted Gretchen on the shoulder. “Go. I’ve got things until you get back.” Nurse Gretchen jaunted away and Coraline finally had the ability to take in her newest patient. She sat on the bed across from Annie and Kerry as started at the transitioned girl for a few seconds before speaking. “Well, look at you.”

Kerry almost rolled her eyes. “Yeah, look at me.” She touched Annie’s hand. “That’s the first thing Annie said as well.”

“I can see why. How are you feeling?”

She shrugged. “As well as anyone can after waking up and discovering they now have a vagina.”

“I can imagine.” Coraline chuckled. “At least you’re retaining your sense of dark humor.”

Kerry sighed. “About all I can do right now.”


Good to see Kerry’s keeping her strange sense of humor.  I mean, what do you do when you wait up in another body?  You make the best of the situation.  Which is what Kerry is doing.  And Coraline and Annie are helping.

Coraline has something to share as well–


“Well, keep it up: you may need that sense of humor today.” Coraline caught her breath and shifted her gaze between Annie and Kerry. “I didn’t get here right away because as soon as Gretchen told me what happened I looked at the data from your monitors.”

“And what did you find?” Annie reached over and took Kerry’s hand.

“There was a massive spike of estrogens at 2:28 followed thirty seconds later by your renal and endocrine systems going into overdrive.”

“Why?” Kerry furrowed her brow trying to figure out the answer on her own.

“My guess is your body was flushing out the testosterone in your system. Getting it out through your urine would be the fastest way.” Coraline focused on Kerry again. “It looks like you got up about a minute after that.”

“Yeah, I did.” Kerry squared her shoulders as she took in a slow breath. “I had to go to the bathroom really bad.”

“Did you use the bathroom before going to bed?”


Coraline raised her hand as if to confirm her earlier speculation. “Then it makes sense. Your body creates a lot of urine while at the same time your bladder shrinks, so anything that was already in there would trigger your need to relieve yourself.”

Kerry nodded. “Which it did.”

“And you used the girl’s bathroom?”

There was a slight reddening of Kerry’s cheeks. “Yeah. Didn’t have a choice.”

“Hey, Red—” Coraline gave the slightly startled girl a warm, comforting smile. “The enchantments on the bathrooms and the dorm room are working just as they’re supposed to work. Now that you’re a girl, the only bathroom you could enter is the girl’s, so don’t feel ashamed. Okay?”

Before Kerry could respond Nurse Gretchen stepped into view carrying Kerry’s female night clothes, including her robe and Ugg boots. She set them on the end of Bed #2. “Here they are, Doctor. I included socks and a pair of panties as well.”

“Thank you, Gretchen.” Coraline stood and approached her night nurse. “Go back down to the office. I’ve a few things to do here before I get these two off to bed.” Gretchen nodded and walked off without as word.


Now you know:  when the last scene started Kerry had transitioned only a minute or so before: that’s why the alarms didn’t go out in Brain Trust Central.  It also explains why Kerry had such an urgency to use the bathroom: lots of urine and a suddenly smaller bladder make for one having to get up and pee.

With her night clothes there I guess this means Annie and Kerry are getting ready for bed…

Freshie 6: Big Freshie Six

I know:  most people checking in thought they were gonna find out what happened to Annie and Kerry as soon as Coraline arrived at the ICU.  And I had fully planed on presenting that excerpt, except…  well, I’ve been sitting on this video for a week and yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to get off my ass and edit it for proper consumption between watching episodes of The Defenders.  By the way, while I know Jessica Jones is a fictional character, I want to kanoodle with Krysten Ritter in the worse way.  And she knits and crochets as well, so she’s got that going for her.

So you’re gonna get that excerpt tomorrow.  Today you get my look at my last freshie practice, where I have dipped into the Disney for the title, though unfortunately I don’t come off at all looking like Go Go:  I’m more like Honey Lemon ’cause I have a big purse and science is my thing.  But I need to get this out because after a week I cannot sit on it any longer.

As always it’s have video, will travel, and I was set up.  This came the night after a totally ass busting cardio session and everyone was feeling it–something I allude to in the intro below–



We did a quick thirty laps of cardio, though mine weren’t fast.  I was last off the track and suffering from a lot of back pain.  I mentioned in my last derby post that Shux said my posture was bad and I was “tits over skates” a bit, and that can lead to a bit of back pain, so tonight I’ll do what I can to get that posture right.  That and work on my core, which is gonna help.

So…  for a while I’ve been anticipating we’d do another 27/5 (skate twenty-seven lap in five or fewer minutes) and sure enough, that was the first hour of the night.  With six of us ready to do one, it was time to get two skaters on the track at the same time and let us have at it.  Panzer timed one skater and I timed the other, and unlike the first time everyone did five laps and got their final time after it was over.

First up were Laura and Jackie.  Both have done this before so it wasn’t unknown territory to either.  And having done this before you know what sort of hell awaits, so you just suck it up and go at it.  For reference, Laura is on the left side of the screen being timed by me and Jackie is being timed by Panzer.

27/5 One: Laura and Jackie.


Next up were Ashly (or is it Sarah?) and Mary.  This was Mary’s first time at only her second freshie practice, much like what happened with me, but Mary is in a hell of a lot better shape than I was when I did my first 27/5.  For reference I timed Ashly on the left side, and Panzer timed Mary on the right.

27/5 Two: Ashly and Mary.


A long last it was my turn and, like the first time, I did mine with Erica on the other side of the track.  The first time I did this I wore rentals so I anticipated I’d do better on my own skates:  in fact, it was my goal to break at least 20 laps in five minutes.  And I knew I could do it.  I just knew it.

Annnnnnd…  well, watch for yourselves.  Erica’s starting on the left, I’m on the right.

27/5 Three: Erica and me.



My final time was 7:18 for 27 laps, and it was all I could do to keep from melting down.  I didn’t improve at all:  I managed only 18 laps in that time, which was the same thing I did on rental eight weeks earlier.  For a bit there I felt like a certain incestuous drunk queen stripped naked and forced to march through a angry screaming crowd.  With my teammates around me I felt like I was on my own Skate of Shame and all I needed was a nun with a bell…


I did meltdown later: it was Crying Time all the way on the drive from the rink to the apartment, and I don’t hide that fact.  This was probably one of the most ego-shattering moments I’ve ever experienced and it almost got me to the point where I wanted to quit.


See, there are two rules in Derby.  Let me show you:


Yeah, you just don’t walk away because you had a bad night.  You think about what you did wrong and work on making it right.  I heard from a number of my teammates in the aftermath of this 27/5 and they had their own horror stories about their own struggles to certify, so as I said on my Facebook wall, I’m not the last derby woman to cry over a bad practice and I certainly won’t be the last.

It’s all about getting up and doing it all again.  And doing it better next time.

In relation to this–I did some checking on my skate due to something I was told early Wednesday morning, and after some research I’m taking a different track on my hardware.  Let me just say, setting up your skates for optimal performance is not all that different from setting up a race car for a track.  Good thing I know how to do that…

Enough of this sobby bullshit.  Onward.

We did a lot of 180 transitions and toe stops.  Sort of working at our own speed.  I’ve had to cut this into two parts because the video was too big unedited to upload to YouTube–and I had four of my teammates–Erica, Ashly, Mary, and Jackie–decide to leave a message.  It’s the last minute of this first one if you just wanna jump to the end.

Start of transitions/toe stops:


And here we have the end of the Great Transition/Toe Stop practice, one where I spent a good deal of it on the far side of the rink talking to Panzer about stuff… and things.

The End:


One thing I learned from these two videos is that I’m far too timid on those transitions.  I need to get a little more speed behind me before I turn and stop, because you may not be inching along on the track in the middle of a jam, right?  Right.  You know it.

You might say, however, well, what if you are zipping along and you fall?  Isn’t it gonna hurt?  Answer:  yeah, it likely will.  But guess what?  It’s not about falling–

It’s about how fast you get back up.

The Next Steps: Collect the Girls

It seems like Sunday is a good time to start new chapters or scenes within a particular chapter, and given that I finished up to the first scene of Chapter Seventeen a few days ago, now is a good time to move on to the next part of the chapter–

Which I’ve worked on for a couple of days.  Yesterday I did a little over six hundred words, and this morning I’ve managed closer to six hundred and fifty words.  That means my little chapter is just five words short of forty-two hundred words and will likely grow another two thousand words before this is over.

Really, it’s coming along nicely.


Now that the news is out, it’s time for that support group Coraline spoke of to swing into action.  And they aren’t shy about kicking it into gear as quickly as possible–


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


After Annie’s computer call ended things happened quickly. Ninety seconds after making the call to the hospital there was a knock on her door and she discovered Nurse Gretchen standing outside, entering the room without an invitation as soon as Annie opened the door. Her instructions were clear: she was to bring Annie and Kerry to the hospital right away and Coraline would be along shortly. With little argument from the children she took Annie’s and Kerry’s hand and jaunted them directly to the second floor ICU waiting area and placed them in Bay #1, the same location where their monitors were checked when they returned to school at the end of August.

Nurse Gretchen told them to wait and vanished. While they waited for Coraline to appear Annie took this time to take in the second floor ward and observe Kerry.
The hospital was normally quiet this time of night—Annie knew this from the times during her A and B Levels—but this was the first time she’d entered the ICU in the middle of the night and it seemed as if it wasn’t only quieter than usual here, but that sounds appeared muted. The one time Kerry sighed after they were left alone it seemed to Annie to come out almost like a whisper.

Speaking of Kerry, Annie finally had the opportunity to see her in better light, for while the ICU was under night light conditions like the rest of the hospital, Nurse Gretchen had turned on a few light in the in bay before leaving, and they offered far more illumination than the dim light of her room. The stark pale complexion of Kerry’s face seemed to stand out more now that it was surrounded by rings of curly ginger hair. The same could be said for her eyes and freckles, the later of which seemed far more numerous than what Kerry had as a boy.

Her profile fascinated Annie, however. She was used to seeing Kerry’s chin and jawline, as well as his somewhat bulbous nose, but now her female version has a chin and jawline similar to Annie’s and her now nose seemed to form a small, narrow point that didn’t make up much space on her face. It was a tremendous change for Annie to see, but there was something incredibly lovely about her new appearance…

The sound of footsteps filled the ICU area: a second later Coraline appeared in the corridor with Nurse Gretchen behind her. She eyed Kerry for just a second before addressing her. “Kerry, where are you other night clothes?”


Just a Coraline promised the moment she and the others knew of Kerry’s transition the support group would swing into action and make certain the new girl on the block is gonna feel protected.  And it starts with Coraline moving her and her soul mate somewhere safe and making sure Kerry is comfortable.  And one way to do that is getting her some proper clothing to wear to bed.

But that’s not all that’s happening…