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Visiting Slyly: You’re Awake

It’s time to move on to Chapter Sixteen, the last chapter in Act One.  The act I started just over a year ago and which is likely going to close out at around two hundred thousand words.  And I think I need to point something out:  when I say that Act One of A For Advanced was 150,000 words, that was only after an edit and partial rewrite.  Originally the first draft was about 125,000 words.  So right now I’m almost seventy-five thousand words past that, which is nearly like writing the Act Ones for both A For Advanced and B For Bewitching.

Which means I don’t feel that bad about taking almost a year to knock out this part.

Meanwhile things are getting quite interesting back in the hospital…


(The following excerpts from The Foundation Chronicles, Book Three: C For Continuing, copyright 2016, 2017 by Cassidy Frazee)


When Kerry awoke the bay was still sealed and the lights were low. He lay on his back and stared up into the gloom for several seconds, searching for the pain that had been there before he was medicated. What had existed was gone and that allowed Kerry to breathe a slight sigh of relief. “Oh, that feels better.”

“Ah, you’re finally awake.”

Kerry started to roll to his right but Pavlina Kirilova stopped him. “No need for you to turn completely over to see me: turning ahead alone will suffice.” She watched as he followed his instructions and waited until he appeared comfortable. “Can you see me?”

“Uh, huh.” He touched the bed adjustment control and elevated the head slightly. “That’s even better.”


Kerry wakes up and discovers that he’s got company and it’s not Annie.  And given that it’s her mother, Kerry can assume that some kind of shit is about to get real–

Pavlina doesn’t disappoint.


“Good.” Pavlina sat in a chair close to Bed #1 with her hands in her lap. “We don’t have a lot of time to talk, so I would appreciate it if you not ask a lot of questions and you make your answers short and precise.” She raised her right eyebrow while giving him a rather quizzical glance. “Do you understand?”

“I do.”

“Excellent. Now, while we were having dinner Annie mentioned that your parents are going on holiday during Yule and that you are not accompanying them. It was also mentioned that you can’t spend Yule with your grandparents, as they are also going away on holiday.  Lastly, though, she told us that she invited you to spend Yule with us. Is this true?”

Kerry spent a few seconds in silence before speaking. “Yes.”

“She didn’t give us your answer, but judging by her body language and her aura, I take it you didn’t accept the invitation.” Pavlina stared at him for nearly three seconds. “Is this true?”

Kerry gave a single nod. “Yeah.”

“Would you care to explain why?”

“I thought—” He swallowed hard and looked up at the ceiling as he answered. “I thought if I was at your home I’d end up ruining plans for you and becoming a distraction. I was just…” He turned his head so he could see Annie’s mother. “I didn’t want to ruin her holiday.”


If we ever wanted to know who is in charge of the Kirilovi Household, now we know.  and Pavlina not only handles family matters, but those matters that touch her family–like certain soul mates who decides to turn down her daughter’s request to come and stay with her during Yule holiday.

I’m sure you can see where this is going…

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